How To Clean And Sanitize Your Jewellery At Home

How To Clean And Sanitize Your Jewellery At Home

Shikha Kohli

In times of a Pandemic, the world is moving towards being more hygienic and sanitised, and there is no other way it should be. If you have been following instructions by from WHO, then you’ve probably spent a lot of time washing your hands and sanitizing them at all times. As for your clothes? you change them often, but your everyday jewellery remains the same. You eat, work, sweat in it and it is bound to get dirty. News Flash, cleaning your jewellery is just as important.

While we all sit tight and wait for this Black Mirror episode to finally end, some of us are using this quarantine downtime productively to re-organise, sanitize and clean our spaces as well. If you have been doing a closet cleanse, then don’t forget your jewellery! Chances are your jewellery could use a good polish, and what better time than now to do so. The good news is you can clean your jewellery at home — and it’s easier than you think.

Here is a look at how you can clean your jewellery at home:

Cleaning silver and gold jewellery

Cleaning pearl jewellery

Cleaning diamonds and crystals

Cleaning coloured Gem Stones

Cleaning brass jewellery

Now that you know how to clean the individual categories of jewellery, just remember—using sanitizer on your jewellery is not enough to disinfect it. One rule of thumb to remember is that when all else fails, just lightly rinse your jewels in lukewarm water with good old dishwashing soap. These small cleaning habits can help make big changes!

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