You know that feeling on a hot summer’s day when all you want to really do is sit by the beach under a palm tree and have an iced caramel drink to quench your thirst? Yeah, I don’t know about your summer plans but the above seems just about right for me. However, in case you’re not a fan of drinking caramel lattes, you can now look like a yummy glass of it because there’s a new hair colour in town—and it’s pretty perfect for any brown girl to carry off!

Yes, literally any dusky, desi girl can carry this super low-maintenance hair colour. How so, you ask? Well, for starters, the chunky highlighted bits are uniform and blend in well with the colour of one’s natural dark roots. And two, they’re not too stark (you know, those extra blonde-blonde bits) so there’ll be no need to also colour tint your brows to match.

I honestly can’t seem to get enough of this colour because it not only keeps in tone with the darker base, it also adds a pop of blonde to the layer on top giving off a fun and fresh feel to the whole look. What do you think?

Would you opt for a hair colour like this anytime soon? Let me know your take on this!