The 5 Biggest Bag Trends Of 2020 That Will Be Everywhere

Shikha Kohli , 02 Apr 2020

Micheal Kors said I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.

The biggest exclamation point (read: accessory) of all? Handbags. Just like everything in fashion, bag trends too, are dynamic in nature and keep changing, reviving and updating themselves.  It’s no news that a fabulous bag, can be the star of any outfit. Every woman has her aesthetic when it comes to handbags, some like roomy totes, so they can carry their world around, and some like to keep it small and minimal, so they don’t have to lug weight around. Whatever your bag aesthetic maybe, in 2020, there is a trend for everyone. 2020 bag trends are certainly less whimsical, with more focus on colours and patterns. 

Though everything is on pause right now when 2020 resumes these will be the “it” bags! 

Trend #1: the miniature micro-bags 

Chances are that you’re already acquainted with this trend, thanks to its popularity on Instagram. In 2020, bags are shrinking in size. Yes, these may not be practical but they are too cute to not try. So just how small are these bags? Well small enough to maybe fit a credit card, but these can certainly not fit your smartphones. 

Trend #2: woven & natural fibre bags 

The basketweave bag and cane bag came into vogue in the spring of 2020 and has been making consistent appearances on the runway ever since. With the world moving towards sustainability, such accessory trends are the need of the hour. Whether it is a basket weave bag or just a cane top handle bag, this trend needs a place in your wardrobe pronto. 

Trend #3: the boxy bag

While a lot of the spring 2020 trends include mostly shapeless pieces in varied colours and textures, this one trend was the most structured of them all. Small cube-shaped, box style bags with a structured, tiny top handle made an appearance on many esteemed runways. This can add a vintage vibe to any look, and can easily be taken from day-to-night. 

Trend #4: the super sac 

Inspired by the industrial bags, that are massive and are used to fill a variety of bulk goods, the super sac bag, marks the resurgence of XXL totes, in a sea of tiny bag trends. The bag’s slouchy shape, allows it to evenly distribute and carry weight. Whether flung over the shoulder or slung across the body, these bags are big enough to carry your world in them. 

Trend #5: the baguette bag

Before gigantic totes became a thing, the late 90s and early 2000s were all about mini shoulder bags. Fun fact—the baguette bag is named after a French breadstick, owing to its shape. The bag is super playful and feminine, and also has an understated elegance that goes with a wide variety of looks.

Which trend are you looking to indulge in? Let us know in the comments below.

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