17 Quarantine Memes That Are Both Funny, Relatable & Will Hit You Right In The Feels

Natasha Patel , 04 Apr 2020

Welcome to 2020 everybody. It’s been the longest and hardest couple of month because of a wonderful virus that’s spread like wildfire, causing thousands of death around the world, double the amount of sick and chronically ill in hospitals and over a million people on lockdown and self-quarantined. So naturally, while the world is busy trying to keep safe, the Internet with all its memes try to keep our spirits high. Below are a couple of quarantine memes that are so funny yet brutally honest about how we feel during this time.

Because hey! We might as well laugh through the self-quarantine and corona together, right?

1. It’s all hard work y’all

2. But like sometimes, you can’t deal, amirite?

3. Yes, Mom! I’m singing the whole song.

4. Despacito? Na, Coronavirus

5. Time moves slowly when you’re the cleaner, nanny, mother and feeder of the house.

6. But of course, the men help out too *eye roll*

7. Losing your mind? Or losing track of days? I can never tell.

8. Good lord, it’s going to start getting reallll scary soon.

9. Basically, nothing has changed for my sister.

10. OOTD? Naa… SOTD!

11. Hey! Some of us still have our jobs to do, okay!

12. And it went like… Bored—Hungry—Sleepy—Sad. HBU?

13. We’ve all become our own professional hairstylist, colourist and nail technicians, right?

14. Sorry, Bob. You ain’t paying to see me look like a smurf.

15. Dear Aries, I’m sorry for your loss. On the bright side, maybe you didn’t age a year?

16. Desi moms, aunties…UNITE!


Are you LOL? Us too! Happy weekend indoors. Xx

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