All The Details About Ali Fazal & Surbhi Jyoti's Upcoming Music Video

Pallavi Manoj , 09 Apr 2020

‘Tis the season of music videos or so it seems. The past few months of 2020 has seen a lot of standalone music videos getting released. I guess in times of need, music is one of the things that can soothe the soul. A lot of celebrities seem more and more interested in music videos these days, be it Bigg Boss stars or Bollywood stars. The most recent celebrity to join the music video bandwagon is Ali Fazal. Earlier this week he had shared the news of him doing a music video with Television actress Surbhi Jyoti. And as you can imagine, fans were super excited. Both of them started by sharing different stills from the upcoming music video and later on went on to share a teaser of the same. The song is sung by Vishal Mishra and video directed by Mirzapur creator Gurmeet Singh.

Check it out:

Now, Ali detailed as to how it was to shoot for the music video along with Surbhi and to have a reunion with his Mirzapur crew.

He said:

It’s the first time I am working with Surbhi and Vishal. It’s been super interesting. I loved interacting with Vishal. He has such a mesmerizing voice. He has a soulful singing quality. Vishal and I bonded over our Lucknow connect. Surbhi is super cool and we kept chatting about movies and food. The 4 days in Chandigarh was such a blast.

He further added:

The Mirzapur team is home for me and with Guru and Sanjay (the DOP) being there, this was a reunion for us. Last few years, I have spent so much time working with Guru that we get each other’s vibes and cues. The direction that Gurmmeet brought in to this is a zone he and I have never explored together. It was an experience that was truly enjoyable. In the span of 3 minutes, we’ve told an entire story and tell it well. As an actor, it’s hard to pull this off. I have never been so excited for a music video but this song is so genuine. It evokes a feeling that everyone at some point or the other goes through. It’s a unique take on unrequited love. There’s a certain purity in how it plays out.

We can’t wait for the music video! We’re sure it’s going to be a soulful piece.

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