A TV show character that is iconic and has made fashion history is Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) from Sex And The City. From fabulous Dior looks to her love for Prada and Manolo Blahnik, the character has single-handedly made fashion history. As Carrie was working from home, writing her column, sipping on her martini, while overlooking a quaint street on the Upper-East side of New York from her cosy apartment, she looked fabulous. Carrie Bradshaw truly loved fashion. Though the character was in no way a homebody, she mastered the art of natural and effortless (yet stylish) work from home outfits. She dressed up for herself, even when no one was looking.

So I decided to turn to the ultimate work-from-home muse to help me get out of this lazy funk. With the revival of many ’90s trends, her outfits are not only aspirational but also relatable.

Scroll down to see some of my favourite WFH outfits courtesy Carrie Bradshaw:

#1. The Arm Scarf

The classic ’90s tube is back in style. Solid colours styled with neutral hues are the way to go with these. Carrie made her tube top a little more stylish with a printed scarf tied around her arm in this look.

#2. Long t-shirt + mini skirt

As Carrie Bradshaw looked at her precious closet with pride, before a cleanout, she wore a pleated mini skirt and kept it comfy by pairing it with a long, oversized tee, layered over the skirt.

#3. Add a fabulous layer

You are homebound, and no one is looking, which means now is the time to take significant fashion risks. Add a little pep to your loungewear by merely layering with your most fabulous jacket.

#4. Classic cami + sequin skirt

As the summer months roll in, Carrie would often bring out her classic, basic camis and style them statement pieces to add a little jazz to the look.

#5. A printed silk kimono

While Carrie would often sit and write her column on her designated desk by the window, there were days she would lounge on her bed. For the same, she wore an elegant, printed silk kimono. If you are going to do loungewear, might as well make it luxe like Carrie.

#6. A silk slip dress

Speaking of luxurious loungewear, a silk slip dress is a classic. It is trendy, comfortable, and a must-have in every girl’s closet. Carrie being the experimental fashionista that she is, added spunk to the look, with colourful socks pulled up to her knee.

#7. A chill summer dress

For another one of her work-from-home looks, Carrie picked a chill summer dress, which she paired with a printed slider, a footwear trend that is now major for the summer season.

#8. A white shirt

Why wear pants when no one is looking? This ‘steal your man’ look was quite impressive. Carrie wore Mr. Big’s crisp white button-down and styled it with his Hermès belt, to highlight the waist.

#9. A band tee

Another ’90s trend that has made a comeback is band tees. There is a certain edge they add to a plain-jane outfit. Even though Carrie could not name five Rolling Stone‘s songs, she was undoubtedly one of those who wore a band tee for the sake of fashion.

#10. A fishnet top

Dip your toes into the peek-a-boo trend, with a fishnet top, paired with your favourite bra or bralette inside. After all, your pretty bras deserve to be flaunted, even if it is in the comfort of your own home.

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