Farah Khan Says Celebrities Should Stop Flaunting Their Privilege On Social Media & Help People

Pallavi Manoj , 13 Apr 2020
Farah Khan

Bollywood director and choreographer Farah Khan has never been the one mince her words. So, when the going got tough and everyone including celebrities started staying at home, many celebrities started posting their home workout videos on Instagram. Farah had a lot to say about these videos. Earlier last month she took to her Instagram to post a video requesting her celebrity friends to stop posting videos of them working out. She had called out celebrities by saying that for many of them maintaining their bodies might be a priority but for the rest of the world, there are other things they need to worry about.

Here’s the video:

While many of her industry friends commented on the video itself, laughing and lauding her for her candid video, many others on the internet shamed her for doing so. She got trolled saying let people do whatever it takes to get them through this tough time. But in a recent interview with Rajeev Masand, Farah Khan said she stands by her rant about workout videos. She firstly apologized to all the celebrities who She scared off with her anti-workout rant and asked them to please work out.

But she further added that:

I was so disturbed by the frivolity of the situation. It’s not a global party guys, it’s a global pandemic. There are other things that you can do right now. And everybody wanted to be seen and everybody was on Insta and I think it seemed a little shallow. At a time where we already don’t have a reputation of being deep thinking even though lot of people do so much good. It just seemed like everything was about look at me, look at me. A lot of people called to thank me, but ofcourse I got trolled too.

She requested celebrities to figure out a way to help people around them like their neighbours. She revealed that her 12-year-old daughters are figuring out a way to feed stray dogs and her son wants to write songs. She urged celebrities and privileged people to try and help people by sending them food or giving them money. She reiterated as to how celebrities shouldn’t flaunt their privileges at this time.

On a lighter note, she mentioned how she wants to start an award function with categories like best barthan dho-ing award, nest jhaadoo maaro-ing award and so on.

She also joked about how South Bombay people are not getting gluten-free bread anymore and how its a crisis.

We love Farah for how candid she is.

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