Healing Crystals: Its Meaning And Significance

Healing Crystals: Its Meaning And Significance

Nelly Wadia
Crystal ritual, prosperity, meditation, relaxing chakra healing crystals. By ju_see | www.shutterstock.com
Crystal ritual, prosperity, meditation, relaxing chakra healing crystals. By ju_see | www.shutterstock.com

I’ve been told by my parents that I’m quite the curious George by nature and I am in agreement. I’ve been curious about crystals for a while now. Last year was a terrible year for me on a personal front. I was in the midst of a storm, an existential crisis and had hit a glass ceiling in my career and didn’t think there was anything new to learn. When you go your whole life wanting something, you often tend to work in the direction of that goal. I needed something that would keep me positive and happy. It was no different for me for 10 years of my career but suddenly I began to ask questions. It’s difficult to make a change in careers at a later stage in life but it’s not impossible. It is hard enough already to battle an unforgiving system that is rigged in favour of the wealthy. Am I a materialistic person? Is this what I want my future to look like? I was quick to answer myself with a ‘no’.

Once, while scrolling through Instagram I chanced upon Love Yourself Apothecary, a friends Insta handle and noticed she was working towards healing people. I knew I had to see her, I went with an open mind and it really helped me find a way out of my darkness. I also tackled my issues with anxiety along the way. She gave me a Rose Quartz to help keep an open heart. And a Citrine to help welcome abundance in my life. Since then I’ve experienced a level of abundance and calm I can’t explain. But in an effort to dig deeper I asked two ladies dealing in crystals to tell us everything they know.

Shabnam Contractor of Farishte Crystals

Crystals were a part of my life since childhood, off and on, until I got connected to the mineral world about a decade ago. Once I had experienced them on an energetic level, and the astonishing changes they caused in my own life, I felt compelled to share their healing powers with the world. My purpose is to spread awareness on the life-changing, healing and magical abilities of crystals. “Every home must have at least one crystal”, and a spiritual insight to share the message of their existence was the final nudge. This is the most fascinating work I’ve ever done because it was born out of a deep love and resonance with the crystal world. Engaging in hundreds of enquiries also re-affirms my belief in the One Consciousness that we all are.

Shikha Agarwal of Love Yourself Apothecary

I’m a past life regression therapist and a crystal healer, based in Mumbai. My journey with crystals started way back in 2010 when I was studying and working in London. Being a fan of all things esoteric and spiritual, I randomly walked into a metaphysical bookshop, and after purchasing a few books, the lady behind the counter very sweetly gave me a small purple crystal tumble (Amethyst) to keep with me. That night I decided to keep it beside my pillow and the next thing, I could hear a lady’s voice inside my head, trying to talk to me. I freaked out and started googling about the crystal and later learned that they vibrate at a high frequency and can communicate with you and heal you. All thanks to that little Amethyst tumble, I started reading more about crystals and collecting them. I soon started experimenting with them and realised that they actually work very well on the emotional and physical body. And since then, I haven’t looked back.

Here are a few key details to keep in mind before delving into the world of crystals:

#1. What are crystals?


They are basically solidified atoms and molecules of minerals in a highly ordered structure. They take hundreds of years to form and are found in the crust of the Earth. They are also known to be a Gift of the Heavens to humankind. Metaphysically, each crystal has a personality, a quality, that can help healing in other living beings.

Shikha: Crystals are natural rocks that come from Mother Earth. They vibrate at a very high frequency (5D) as compared to our 3D world. They connect to the seven chakras in our body and thus have the power to heal our physical as well as emotional body. 

#2. How to choose your crystals?


Crystals can be chosen by instant attraction when you are specifically drawn to a certain crystal. They can also be chosen by identifying your current goals and an intention to enhance and give those areas a boost. E.g. improving relationships, career opportunities etc. They interact with the user on energetic levels, by raising frequencies to attune to the pure and pristine energy levels of the crystal. Which, in turn, could cause a boost in the required area. All crystals have consciousness and need tender loving care. They are our friends for life.

Shikha:  Well, crystals choose us. The best way to select a crystal is to hold a few in your hand and you will certainly be attracted to a particular one. No matter what, you will keep going back to it. When you hold that particular crystal, you might feel a tingling sensation in your palms, a buzzing energy in your spine, a feeling of lightheaded-ness or a shiver running through your entire body or you might even start crying. These are the signs that your body needs that particular crystal to heal and that the crystal is connecting with you physically as well as emotionally. 

#3. How would it benefit me and how should I use them?


Crystals work best by body application and can be used in meditation, kept in your purse, under the pillow while sleeping, or in the form of wearable jewellery. They need to be in your energy field and be allowed to let their magic unfold! Large natural crystals like Geodes and clusters can be kept at home for constant clearing of the energetic environment. Shaped ones like spheres, generators, towers are also used in spaces.  For personal use; smaller natural crystals, jewellery, tumbles and spheres would suffice.


Since crystals vibrate on a higher plane, they only operate out of love and light. They don’t have any side effects or a negative reaction to them. They can benefit you in wondrous ways. For example: if you are going through a break-up or your heart needs healing, you must connect with the heart chakra and crystals such as the Rose Quartz, Rhodonite or Kunzite would work well. These are powerful heart crystals that help to heal the heart and let go of any emotional trauma stuck there. If you are going through anxiety, then crystals such as Lepidolite, Amethyst work wonders to release anxiety from the body. The best way to use them is to connect with them by keeping them under your pillow at night as they will work on your auric field and communicate with you through dreams, astral travelling, etc. Meditate with them, talk to them. Talking to your crystals is a great way to connect to them as this forms a bond between you and your crystal.

#4. How to care for your crystals?


Sunlight: not direct sunlight. They can be placed on a window sill or area of bright light in your space. Moonlight: Immerse your crystals in water for a couple of hours prior to keeping them out in the moonlight to cleanse and recharge. Incense: allow the fragrant smoke of incense to go all over the crystals a few times. Candlelight: the light and heat generated by the candle flame can clear up absorbed energies by the crystal. Water: immerse overnight or a few hours in the day for a cleaning bath. Sound: bells, bowls, tuning forks, Om chanting—all help dispel dense energy that a crystal may have absorbed. Soil: burying crystals in the soil for a few hours is a great way too. Visualisation: Can imagine an emerald green luminous light entering the crystal and clearing it. Other Crystals: Clusters and Selenite plates work well for cleansing. Intentional breath: can chant Om or any other Mantra and blow gently over your crystals. Physical Contact: you can gently rub your palms over the crystal with an intention of clearing up and dense, negative energy that your crystal has absorbed. Sea Salt: We are not big fans of sea salt. Over time it can be damaging to the crystal, but it’s commonly used and you can too if you get pulled to do so. Taking care of your crystals in a loving, timely way is helpful to your own healing process, raising your frequencies as you interact more and more with them.

Shikha: Since crystals come from Mother Earth, the best way to cleanse them or take care of them is by using the four elements of nature, ie: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. You can cleanse them under running tap water, or move them around the flame of a candle, incense stick or sage leaves, or keep them in a potted plant for some Earth energy. Crystals love Full Moons, and especially thunderstorms. During Full Moons, I place all my crystals in the balcony for moonlight as this helps charge and electrify them. 

#5. Which crystals are to be kept in the house and which are to be worn?


Geodes, tumbles, clusters and raw crystals which are big in size are ideal for the home space. Smaller points, cabochons and raw crystals can be worn as jewellery pieces


All crystals can be worn as well as kept in the house. Crystals in the form of bracelets, pendants, tumbles are good to be worn or to be carried in your pocket as it need to be close to the physical body to work on you.

For the house: Bigger chunks like clusters, big raw pieces or Geodes work wonders. Since our houses are big you need bigger crystals to shift the energies of your space. Crystals such as Black Tourmaline and Selenite are wonderful to keep in the house if you feel there’s a lot of negativity in your space or if there are a lot of fights in your house. Black Tourmaline releases negativity from spaces and Selenite converts that energy into light consciousness. They create a very powerful protection grid for your space.

a) Prosperity:


Golden Pyrite, Malachite and Citrine are some of the best to invite the energy of prosperity.

Shikha: Citrine, Pyrite, Green Aventurine work wonders as these connect to the solar plexus chakra and are great for abundance, prosperity and bringing more opportunities in your space. 

b) Relationships:


Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite and Rhodonite are some that are known to cultivate love, for others and self, forging strong bonds and calming emotions.

Shikha: Rose Quartz, Kunzite, Rhodonite and Rhodocrosite are great as they heal the heart and help you attract love. 

c) General well-being:


Clear Quartz is a master crystal and can give amplify energy levels. Amethyst is another master crystal that can bring rest and relaxation along with heightened awareness.


Selenite is good as it protects the aura and creates a shield of light around the body.

Emotional balance, peace of mind for de-stressing and a boost in energy:

Shabnam: Blue Lace Agate for calming negative patterns, Rose Quartz and Amethyst for peace and de-stressing.Shikha: Lepidolite, Howlite, Carnelian, Jade and Amethyst are good crystals as they balance and heal the emotions and boost creativity and energy. 

Hope this was plenty informative and helps you choose a crystal that is suited to your needs. For any more queries, you can reach out to these lovely ladies through their Insta handles I’ve mentioned. Let me know in the comments below if you’re already a crystal user.

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