Girl Hugging A Pillow By Roman Samborskyi (Source: Shutterstock)
Girl Hugging A Pillow By Roman Samborskyi (Source: Shutterstock)

How have you guys been spending all your time during quarantine? I have done lots! Apart from scrolling through Instagram, I have cleaned my closet, learned how to cook, gotten back to sketching, updated my personal blog and well, also joined TikTok (don’t judge me, it’s too much fun)! Staying at home is extremely challenging and all of us have in some way or the other become very creative with making content on the Internet, especially with the social media challenges, which have increased multifold. After the very famous #FlipTheSwitch challenge, there’s a new viral one, and it’s called #QuarantinePillowChallenge or simply #PillowChallenge. All the fashion bloggers have taken it up and are sporting this trend in their own way.

But Wait, What Do You Do In This Challenge?

It’s very simple. All you need is a pillow and a belt. Take the pillow and place it on your bare body in the front and cinch it with a belt. The idea is to make it look like a dress. Interesting, right?

Who Started This Challenge?

Two bloggers under the username @stylebynelli and @myforteisfashion started this trend. They both posted images of themselves wearing a pastel blue and pink pillow respectively and secured it with a belt and accessorised their look. They further challenged their fellow friends and followers to take this up. Several Indian and international influencers have gone ahead and carried out this cosy trend in their own way. Some have taken the high fashion route and used luxury brands to look sassy with their pillow dresses, making it a hit on social media. Try searching #PillowChallenge on Instagram and you will find over 121k posts.

Take A Look At All The Bloggers Who Have Taken Up This Challenge

Maybe when “I’m (way too) bored in the house and I’m in the house bored”, I’ll try this out fo sho!

Will you try this challenge? Let me know in the comments below.

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