As we are amid a global pandemic, the world is social distancing, doing their bit by staying home, to stop the domino effect. However, this does not mean we have lost all human interaction. We are in an age where communication is a lot more visual. Life updates are announced in 9:16 grids on Instagram, and catchup sessions are done over video calls. Since video calls are your only window to human interaction in this day and age, it is the one time we should pull our selves out of the sartorial slack quarantine has pushed us into, and get dressed for whatever may be the occasion.

Here are few outfit ideas for those video chats dates, lectures or meetings.

1. Online lectures

Educational institutions have physically shut, and all lectures are now virtual, which means you see your professors and classmates every day on your laptop screens. Keeping it chill, but put-together at the same time, ditch those PJs and slip into equally comfortable cotton pants. Style your bottoms with a basic tank top, and throw on a half sleeve white shirt worn off the shoulder to make the outfit look a bit more stylised. Since video calls are mostly just waist up, pair your look with dainty gold necklaces. Pull your hair up in a high ponytail, so your face looks snatched and your hair does not look like a big ol’ mess.

2. Work Meetings

Since there is only so much one can see of your outfit over a video call, now is the time to experiment. Pick your basics and try wearing them in different ways. This way once we are out of quarantine, you’ll have a plethora of outfit options to choose from, within your existing wardrobe.

If you have been chilling in your PJs, working from home all day, and your boss suddenly springs an important client meeting upon you, try this look. Throw a solid blazer over the t-shirt you’ve been wearing all day. Tuck the blazers into your comfy bottoms, button the bottom-most button of your blazer, and you will have your self a whole new look. Pick darker classic hues like navy, black, grey or brown, as these colours are more saturated and will stand out on a video call.

3. Date night

Just because we are social distancing, does not mean we have to emotional distance as well. Not being able to meet your special someone can be hard. However, it is always nice to stay connected and do things you would normally do, but, over a video call. Practising this helps in keeping the relationship alive, as you continue making new memories together. Just because life has hit pause, your relationship shouldn’t have to. If you are single, there are plenty of apps out there to connect with someone, and a digital video date can be an all-new and needless to say, safe experience.

One major trend for spring-summer 2020 is feminine blouses. For a date night, pick an elaborate blouse, with a broader neck, and buffount sleeves. While the wide neck gives you a chance to flaunt your décolletage, the statement sleeves, will add some flamboyance to the look—style with statement earrings, and a bold lip to brighten up the look. Try to pick warmer colours, that are high in contrast, so it looks more vibrant on screen.

4. Catching up with girlfriends

There is no better way to relax, unwind and call it a week, than with a glass of wine with a face mask on, and a lot of fun banter with your girlfriends over video calls. You could Netflix Party and binge-watch a show together. Alternatively, there are plenty of apps now, where you can connect over video and even make it a game night, and play fun games together.

As for your outfit, for a girls night in, you can keep it chill, pick your cutest loungewear option, so you are comfy as you spend the night relaxing with your friends. You could go for a matching joggers’ and top set, or you could even pair your joggers with a ’90s style tube top, which is comfy and also a big 2020 trend!

Out of all the outfits above, which one do you want to recreate? Let us know in the comments below. And, don’t forget to follow @missmalinifashion for all the style updates.