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Often identified as a preppy fashion item, the cardigan is always deemed as a not-so-stylish, modest piece of clothing. Whenever one thinks of cardigans, the image that may pop up in your head wouldn’t precisely be sexy or risquè. In 2020, however, the cardigan has got a sexy makeover thanks to street style stars and supermodels like Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Kaia Gerber and more. Bella Hadid hit the streets in her off-duty look, where she wore her cardigan with just one button, buttoned-up, wearing nothing underneath. This trend then blew up, and ever since, there has been no looking back. Not only on street-style stars, but cardigans also made an appearance in the spring-summer collection of designers such as Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Danielle Guizio, and more. I mean, if we can make dad sneakers, and polo t-shirts work, then why leave the grandma-chic cardigan behind?

So to make your cardigan work in 2020, all it takes is a few smart styling choices. Keep scrolling for some serious style inspo!

#1. Bella Hadid’s open button look

Supermodel Bella Hadid was one of the first few to try out this trend. Wearing her mumsy cardigan in a single button style, she skipped a top or bra on the inside, wearing her cardigan as a top. Now, this is one grandma-chic look your grandmother may not approve of per se.

#2. Kendall Jenner’s matching set

Kendall took this trend a notch up by styling it with a matching bandeau top. She added edge to the look with statement patchwork jeans. To match the preppy-ness of the cardigan, she wore the look with a pair of shiny black leather oxford shoes.

#3. Kaia Gerber’s cropped cardigan

In one of her many stylish off-duty looks, the model styled her cardigan in a relatively modest and achievable way. She picked a lavender cropped cardigan by Danielle Guizio. Unlike Bella, who only had the top-most button on, Gerber, had two buttons snapped on, with a lacy bra peeking through. She finished the look with a pair of jeans. I like how the scarf tied around her neck is adding an understated elegance to the look.

#4. Gigi Hadid‘s printed cardigan

While most cardigan looks involved basic, solid colours, Gigi went one step ahead and added some print into her look. During Milan Fashion Week, the supermodel served a spiffy new print-clashing look. She converted her longer length cardigan into a cropped one, by leaving a few buttons open at the bottom, baring her midriff. Gigi paired her cardigan with knee-length denim Bermuda shorts, which BTW, is 2020’s version of the biker shorts trend. The supermodel rounded the look with combat boots, a statement Fendi bag and vintage sunglasses.

#5. Jëssica Vandër Lëahy‘s neon cropped cardigan

In case you think this midriff bearing racy trend is only for supermodels, which society deems as the the “ideal body type”, then take a cue from plus-size model Jëssica Vandër Lëahy. She wore a cropped neon number, with a black caged bra that was peeking through, and balanced the proportions by styling the look with a pair of high-rise, straight leg jeans.

Would you want to give this new grandma-chic trend a go? Let us know in the comments below. And, don’t forget to follow @missmalinifashion for all the style updates.