The nationwide lockdown that has me doing activities that I would never usually do like decluttering the house, cook lengthy and complicated recipes and even give myself a pedicure! There are a lot of activities that I miss doing and having a spa day is definitely one of them. Getting a pedicure used to to be my version of self-care because it would be forty minutes of time that I had carved out just for myself. That’s why I decided to try giving myself a pedicure at home, and I have to say that it turned out better than I expected! So if you also want to give yourself a pedicure at home, here’s what you need to do:

1. Prep Your Nails

Before diving into the further steps, it’s essential to make sure that your nails are prepped for this at-home pedicure. So if you have any remnants of nail polish left on your nails, make sure to remove it with the help of a nail polish remover or acetone.

2. Soak & Scrub Your Feet

After your nails are free of nail polish, it’s now time for a soak. So, grab a bucket of lukewarm water and add some soap to it. You can also add bath salts and essentials oil in this soak if you wish to. Dip your feet into the water for fifteen to twenty minutes and then scrub them with a pumice stone.

3. Cut And File Your Nails

After the soak, your skin and nails will soften a little, so it’ll be easier to cut and file your nails. Take a nail cutter and carefully cut your toenails up to your desired length. After you’ve cut your nails, use a nail file to smoothen the edges.

4. Apply Foot Lotion

Once your nails are cut and filed, it’s now time to add some moisture to your nails and soles. Apply some foot lotion on your feet and massage it into your skin.

5. Apply Nail Polish

This step is optional; you can either paint your nails or leave them as they are. If you choose to paint your nails, then make sure to dehydrate them before applying nail polish. This will help your nail polish application go on smoother and more evenly.

With these five simple steps, you can give yourself a perfect pedicure at home!

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