The Proper Way To Groom Your Man's Beard During Quarantine

Natasha Patel , 15 Apr 2020

The #stayathome lockdown mandate has been extended—and that sucks, but it’s for the overall good, right? This quarantine extension basically means 2/3 more weeks of growing facial hair—for you (LOL struggle is real) and your man. While you can’t have your man turn into your laser specialist, at least you can turn his barber for a day when it comes to grooming his beard. Because while it is a great time to grow your beard, it can be erm, not-so-great to live with a caveman, amirite?

Samantha Dsouza, founder and owner of Samantha’s Salon in Bandra, is going to give us a few tips on how we can trim and keep our man’s beard in shape!

So if you’ve never used a beard trimmer before and you’re not sure of what length or how you want the beard to be, always check your guards on your trimmer and go from high to low. Don’t directly use a no.1 or 2 because that might be a little shorter than expected so always go with a no.4 then reduce it to a 3, then a 2, maybe a 1.5 and then a 1. Always go high to low.

Also if you’re trimming the sides of the hair and the man doesn’t like his scalp showing, I would say, use a no.4 or 5 to just clean up the sides and then you can gradually go a little shorter.

 According to me, the best clippers are by Wahl, but this is the time of lockdown, so we have to make use of what we have. Even Phillips and all your other brands are good.

Men’s Beard Clippers

Here’s a recap of three things to keep in mind while trimming bae‘s beard:

#1. Start trimming the beard from a no.2.5 or 3.

#2. Trim the sides of the hair by starting with a 4 and work your way down depending on the length.

#3. Whilst shaving, make sure the sideburns are equal (for those men who do a clean shave) measure your sideburn length by looking at the ears to make sure they match.

We hope this helps you and your man keep the beard in check till the end of quarantine and lockdown!

Tag us and Samantha if you attempt trimming bae‘s beard!

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