Date Night With Wine By Sonal Holland
Date Night With Wine By Sonal Holland

Now if you’re away from your boo during the lockdown, then this one might just hurt a bit. But you can still bookmark this read and plan your date night at home once the lockdown ends. As for the married couples and those living in with their partners, here’s how you can set up a date night at home with special inputs from Sonal Holland, Master of Wine. She shares her top tips on how to put together a fun, romantic date night at home, complete with wine and your significant other. Scroll down to check out!

1. Tuck The Kids In

If you have kids, feed them one of their favourite meals and tuck them in early. This will give you more time to set up your date night and spend special time with your partner.

2. Stick To Light Snacks

Instead of a full-blown meal, go for some wine-friendly snacks to nibble on. Choosing light bites and snacks will help keep the evening fuss-free and conversational as you sip your way through the meal.

3. Raid Your Pantry

Go with whatever is available in your pantry. Sonal shared that her favourites are salty and sour foods. They act as flavour enhancers and pair really well with any kind of wines. She recommends going with a simple cheese platter, crackers, home-made hummus blended with tangy olives, salted pistachios, and salt-encrusted pretzels. And if you’re someone who prefers heavier, substantial snacks then you can go with prawn tapas or cold cuts.

4. Set The Mood

Dim down the lights, put on your favourite music and wear your favourite outfit. Sitting in your pyjamas won’t make you feel like you’re really having a date night, make an effort and you definitely won’t regret it!

5. Pop The Bottle

Now, all you have to do is bring out a special bottle of wine in a blind tasting sleeve. Also, be careful that your conversations don’t circle around household chores. Talk about the wine, or literally anything that isn’t about work or anything stressful.

Check out Sonal Holland’s video on date night with wine below!

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