12 Beauty-Related Lockdown Memes That'll Make You Laugh Hard

Eesha Kokane , 18 Apr 2020

The nation-wide lockdown to slow the spread of coronavirus that was enforced a few weeks ago has affected all our lives. Some of us are making copious amounts of banana bread, while some of us are cutting our own bangs; we all have different ways of dealing with the lockdown blues. I have a strange yet effective way of cheering myself up during the lockdown—memes. Ever since we’ve been cooped up in our homes, there’s been a surge of lockdown related memes, and I can’t stop laughing. My favourite is the sub-genre of this category—beauty-related lockdown memes. So, if you’re in need of a good laugh, have a look at these hilarious beauty-related lockdown memes:

1. Put Down The Scissors

2. Quarantine Beauty Crisis

3. Oh, How I Miss You

4. A Weird Bun Is All My Hair Can Handle

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my curling iron has forgotten my name

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5. I Miss My Pedicurist

6. Contrasting Opinions

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Honestly, thriving

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7. We’ve All Attained Self Enlightenment

8. 25 Step Skincare Routines Are My Hobby Now

9. Stay Strong Ladies

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Put down the razor and bleach.

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10. Can’t Wait For This Moment

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11. A New Level Of Closeness

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Looking forward to more of the same 🤷

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12. Smart Manicure Decisions

Which beauty-related lockdown meme is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

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