Shefali Jariwala and Sidharth Shukla were one of the most popular contestants on Bigg Boss 13. But if you didn’t know, the two of them were in an under-the-radar, serious relationship long before they came under one roof for the show. But it was no awkward scene for them on the show because they have both moved on in their lives.

In an interview with Bollywood Life, Shefali says that she is in good terms with Sidharth now. They did have a few hiccups even on the show, but they sorted it out.

Talking about her equation with Sidharth, she says:

See, initially we bonded and then we had a bad fight. After he came back from the secret room, our equation got better. Both of us are very logical people. Also, we have similar interests, we would talk about travel, space, bullet trains and what not. Even after we stopped dating, we were always cordial whenever we bumped into each other.

Shefali and Sidharth’s relationship dates back to almost two decades ago. She is now happily married to husband Parag Tyagi since 2014.

Recently, there were rumours of her being pregnant that were circulating in the news. But she rubbished all the rumours, clarifying that it was a case of overeating during the quarantine. Well, here’s one thing we can all certainly relate to, amirite?