These are tough times for us all, and to keep all of your spirits high and entertain you, we are having Instagram live sessions with your favourite stars. Just yesterday, we spoke to the Kasautii Zindagii Kay actress Erica Fernandes and what a super fun conversation it was! It was all the more exciting because of all her fans who tuned into the Live and showered their love on their fav actress! From talking about her routine now to showing us a glimpse of her dog and mentioning her boyfriend in the rapid-fire round, it was a blast!

Here are 5 moments from the Live that we loved:

1. We got a glimpse of her super cute golden retriever, Champ!

He was on his walk outside, and came and met us and all of Erica’s fans who wanted to meet him!

2. She spoke about some of her fan encounters.

She spoke about an encounter with a woman in a mall’s food court, who just stared at her first. And then she says, “Tum wahi ho na?” and Erica goes, “Koun?” and the woman says, “Haan tum doctor ho na, Doctor Bose?”, and then Erica understood that she was talking about her role in Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi, Dr. Sonakshi Bose. So she says it was quite a scary experience!

3.  She shared her fondest childhood memory

She spoke about the time when we used to get tazzos with the chips packets and how her childhood friend loved collecting them. She narrates how they used to go to the shop in the evening, he used to take her to the shop, and buy the chips packet, remove the tazzo and give the chips to Erica.

4. One superpower Erica wishes she had

When asked about the one superpower she wishes she had, she says she would like the power to take people’s problems and try to solve it for them. A noble thought, indeed!

5. When she said she would call her boyfriend in case she is in trouble.

In the rapid-fire round, we asked Erica whom she would call in case she were to be in trouble. She took her two friend’s name which was fine, and in-between she says, ‘my boyfriend’, for the third person. And given how Erica doesn’t like to talk about her personal life as much, this was a sweet surprise for us as well as her fans who had tuned into the Live!

So, these were our top 5 fav moments from the Live, guys!

In case you missed it, check it out right here: