Some say there is nothing sharper and chicer than dressing in fabulous coats and layering your looks for the fall season. While, others might argue that, nothing beats the charm of dressing up in bright colours, fun prints, and fresh fabrics during the summer. But with us being in amidst of a global pandemic and the summer it seems that we need to start pulling out those light layers and fun colours. In hope of this pandemic ending soon, we need to start planning our summer outfits right away!

Here are some fresh, elevated summer outfit ideas that you could recreate after the lockdown is over:

Outfit #1. Linen Pants & Bold Prints

A pair of linen pants or trousers will be your summer best friend when it comes to bottom wear. Sometimes a pair of jeans can be too fussy for the summer season, and shorts are not office-appropriate. Pick a neutral earthy tone such as beige, khaki, or white, and pair if it with a bright and colourful tee like this bold fruit print tee.

Outfit #2. Biker Shorts Suit

There is no better time than the hot weather months, to try the ‘bra-under-blazer’ look. This summer, the blazers are still oversize, the hem, however, is cropped. You could pair your blazer with matching trousers, wide-legged cotton pants, or a pair of biker shorts if you are feeling experimental. Pairing your biker shorts with a blazer is also a great way to make to give your shorts a more polished styling upgrade.

Outfit #3. Burst Of Prints

With the print on print trend reigning supreme in summer 2020, it is time to pull all your printed pieces out and pair them together. This summer, the cliché trends like floral and nautical have taken a back seat, and eccentric prints such as tie-dye and paisley are in the forefront. Pick a pair of wide-legged printed pants and pair it with a long line cape-style top to create a comfortable yet, maxi dress-like flowy look.

Outfit #4. Slip Skirt & Tank Top

Slip skirts and dresses will always be in vogue. For a more casual summer-friendly look, pair your slip skirt with a basic tank top and top the look off with a pair of summer slides.

Outfit #5. Sheer Pants

How many times have you thought to yourself “it’s too hot to wear pants“, well as the humidity soars, here is a solution for you;—go for a peek-a-boo look with a pair of organza pants. Style this statement bottom wear with a neutral top and layer the look with an oversized blazer to make the sheer pants a tad bit more modest.

Outfit #6. Colour-block

In the mood to wear pink, green, blue and yellow? Then why pick just one? With the return of the colour-block trend, there are no rules anymore. Pair together whatever colours you fancy. To make the look more cohesive, try to stick to one type of colour family. If picking a pop colour, keep the rest of the outfit the same and vice versa. Try a colour blocked dress like this, which also has a subtle self-print, and style the look with another pop of colour with a bold coloured bag.

Outfit #7. Oversized

A style of denim to invest in this summer season are baggy jeans. You could either go for the high-waist mom-style baggy jeans or pick cargo-style pair with big pockets. Go for the classic white shirt and blue jean combo, but borrow the shirt from a man’s closet, to keep the entire look baggy and chic. Finish the look with a pointy heel to make it look more polished.

Which one of these looks are you the most excited to try? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to follow @missmalinifashion on Instagram for more updates.