The very controversial Bigg Boss season 13 may have ended, but the drama it stirred among the contestants has not died down yet. Just recently, ex-contestant Devoleena Bhattacharjee took to her Twitter after she received death threats from a woman for talking about her co-contestant, Arhaan Khan and his relationship with Rashami Desai.

Rashami and Arhaan’s relationship has been a constant topic of debate on the show, and it still is. Salman Khan himself revealed on the show that Arhaan was not truthful to Rashami, which caused problems in their relationship. Devoleena, who is one of Rashami’s closest friends, stood up for her and has supported her throughout, which has turned ugly for her. She shared a screenshot on Twitter of a woman threatening to kill her because she spoke up against Arhaan and insulted him. The message says that if Devoleena repeats that again, it would be her last day. The police responded to her tweet saying, “We have followed you. Please DM us your contact details.”

Have a look at her tweet:

It certainly is scary to receive such threats and we hope the police take quick action and make sure Devoleena, along with the others are safe and sound.