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What would we do if we didn’t have fashion hacks to help sort us out? We love a great fashion moment but sometimes we struggle with pieces that don’t fit too well or could be a pain to deal with when styling. It tends to ruin the whole vibe! In this case, we search the Internet, ask our friends and plead to the fashion gods for anything that would solve our fashion woes! From de-tangling jewellery to ironing clothes with a hair straightener we have broken down 8 nifty life-changing fashion hacks for you! De-stress and save yourself some time and energy when getting ready. These shortcuts ahead won’t break your budget and will, in fact, change how you view your current closet.

Here’s a list of fashion hacks that we have put together for you:

1. Elevate your shoes

Get more wear out of your shoes without spending a lot of money on a new pair! Take a pair of shoes that you already own and make them look new with inexpensive shoe clips. Choose from designs such as pearls, rhinestones etc, that are easily available online, and switch them out to match with your outfit of the day. An alternate option is to use inexpensive beautifully embellished brooches you can easily find at your local vendor and pin them on safely. You know, the ones your mother or grandmother would wear to special occasions? Those would perfectly too!

Women's Red Suede High Heels by Dennis Bukhlaev |
Women’s Red Suede High Heels by Dennis Bukhlaev |

2. Tangled necklaces

Who hasn’t had this issue? It’s such a pain when your beautiful necklaces end up in a tangled mess especially when you’re travelling. Cling film to the rescue—just seal your necklaces individually. This is a great fashion hack to keep your jewellery neat and organized.

Tangled Necklaces Hacks by Rosalie S.Photo |
Tangled Necklaces Hacks by Rosalie S.Photo |

3. Accentuate your shoulders to distract from your arms

Feeling a bit conscious of your arms? The best thing to do in this case is to accentuate your shoulders. Puffy sleeves or padded shoulders help create a distraction because of the way the fabric sits plus it’s indented to look like there’s more volume in that area. Now the focus is on the fabric itself instead of your arms.

A quick hack to getting those over-exaggerated shoulders is by using chicken cutlet pads or bra pads that are easily available in workout bras or bathing suits. Attach them to the inside of your top or blazer so that it sits on the top of your shoulders. Sew them in or apply them with a safety pin for a temporary fix, you can also glue them down. This will add more structure to your blouse and conceal your insecurity as well.

Shoulder Padding Hacks by Team Rishika
Shoulder Padding Hacks by Team Rishika

4. Slippery shoulder bag

When your purse keeps slipping off it can be such a nuisance. Luckily there’s a quick fix that’s not going to ruin your clothes or burn a hole in your pocket. Get a hold of some double-sided table or fashion tape if you have any. Cut the desired amount and stick it to the underside of the strap on the section where it usually sits on your shoulder. This hack works best on thicker straps while giving your bag some grip and won’t let it slip off as easily.

Blue Women's handbag in hand by Bida Oleksandr |
Blue Women’s handbag in hand by Bida Oleksandr |

5. Excessively long or large belt ends

Isn’t it a shame when our larger belts stick out because they’re too long and just won’t sit right? It can ruin a perfectly good outfit. All you need to do is use a small elastic rubber band, a similar colour to the belt and thread it through the belt. Once you have hooked your belt to your waist, loop through the elastic and your good to go! Another option is to use double-sided tape on the edge of the strip. Once the tape is applied, press the end of your belt, where you want it to sit smoothly and voilà! This one is my favourite fashion hack to use.

Mid-section of a Businesswoman Adjusting Belt by Sirtravelalot |
Midsection of a Businesswoman Adjusting Belt by Sirtravelalot |

6. The french tuck

This fashion hack has been around for ages and was popularized in recent years by Tan France from Netflix’s Queer Eye. It’s super easy to do as well, all you have to do is slightly tuck in the front of your shirt (or top!) into your pants or skirt, leaving the sides untucked. It instantly makes you leaner and helps balance your proportions. Try out this trick on your next casual outfit for a smarter and sophisticated edge.

French Tucked T-shirt and Shorts by Michael Kraus |
French Tucked T-shirt and Shorts by Michael Kraus |

7. Iron your shirt collar with a hair straightener

This fashion hack has been around the block and it’s a tried and tested method! If you’re in a pinch to iron your clothes, a hair straightener is super handy to iron out those pesky creases in your collar and in between shirt buttons. First, it’s important to clean the plates and ensure the garment is iron safe before doing this hack. Secondly, depending on the thickness of the material keep an eye on the temperature settings. Most of us girls already have this tool at home which makes this easier and super effective.

Shirt Collar & Hair Straightener Hack by Team Rishika
Shirt Collar & Hair Straightener Hack by Team Rishika

8. De-pilling your clothes using a razor

You know that pesky pilling that comes up on your clothes and more so on your sweaters. It can really ruin a look. Luckily this fashion hack is pretty straight forward. All you need is a cheap razor, paper towel. Lay your garment on a flat surface and pull your fabric taut with one hand and lightly shave one section at a time. Do this gently as to not cut through the garment. Wipe the razor on the paper towel as it collects the fluff and use sticky tape to remove small leftovers. Repeat the process until your outfit is done!

Female Hands Removes Fuzz From Sweater by Far_away |
Female Hands Removes Fuzz From Sweater by Far_away |

Which one of these hacks are you excited to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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