If you were to pick up any closet essential or capsule wardrobe guide, you would find that all of them have a little black dress, a pair of well-fitted blue jeans and a crisp, white shirt on the top of the list. While we get good use of our LBDs and practically live in our denims, we seldom get experimental with the crisp white shirt. Yes, it is an outfit saviour for a tricky pair of bottoms that we just don’t know how to wear or when we need to style our multi-colour sequin joggers so that it doesn’t look OTT. A white shirt is that one universal piece of clothing that compliments absolutely everything. We give the white button-down a lot less use and credit than it deserves. There are so many ways to wear your shirt to make it the statement piece of the outfit and not just a complimenting piece in your look.

Here are a couple of fresh ways you can style your white shirt:

#1. Give The Look A Low Neckline

Wear your white shirt, with all the buttons open, and tie the excess fabric at the hem into a knot, to give it an effortless vibe. This is an easy and quick way to convert your crip shirt into a sexy slashing neckline top.

#2. Use Your White Shirt As A Saree Blouse

We have often seen the white shirt paired with a maxi skirt or a lehenga, for a fusion appeal. So, why not try it as a blouse to dress the saree down and make the outfit more modish.

#3. Layer With An Eccentric Piece

If your white button-down is very formal give it a brand new makeover by wearing it under a statement top you have in your wardrobe. This is also an easy trick to take your classic white button-down from your desk to the bar!

#4. Layer Over A Turtleneck

You can never go wrong when pairing two classics together. When the weather gets chilly, layer your turtleneck with a white shirt. The addition of collars to the neckline gives it a powerful look. You can also roll the sleeves up to create doctor sleeves style.

#5. Skip Wearing Pants With Your White Shirt

Make your white shirt the foundation piece of your look, and build your outfit around it. Skip the pants and pick a pair of over-the-knee boots instead. Layer the look with a solid blazer to make it look more polished. If you are feeling experimental go for a pair of bright coloured boots.


#6. Make It Street-Chic

If your style is more street and you wear more sweatshirt and joggers the one easy way you can use a white shirt, is to layer. Layer your shirt under your oversize neutral sweatshirt. You can style the look with the matching joggers. Alternatively, you also skip the pants and go with a pair of dad sneakers or boots.

#7. Crop It Like It’s Hot

If you don’t get any use out of your white shirt, grab a pair of scissors and crop it from the hem. Don’t worry about evenness and precision. Let the seams open and raw edges hang loose, this will give the white shirt an undone and off-duty chic vibe.

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