It’s been more than a month since we’ve all been on lockdown. It sounds like a small duration but it feels like ages TBH. Can you relate too? In order to kill some time and remain sane, people have been indulging in various activities at home and one of the main things everyone is certainly doing is cooking or learning how to. Every day when I open Instagram, I see at least 20 stories of someone cooking a new dish. So one thing’s there for sure once quarantine life ends—everybody will emerge as a chef.

However, cooking every day can get tiring, and during this time, we can’t afford to get bored with it. This is exactly what happened to me and I had to come up with a solution, and I did. I started watching food-based shows on Netflix and that really motivated me. There are so many creative recipes and dishes on all these shows and it blew my mind so much that it actually inspired me to experiment with the ingredients I have at home. I love food and during this period, that’s all I think about.  There had to be some driving force to get me into the kitchen, right? Apart from Masterchef Australia, there are tons of shows that will wow you just as much. So if you’re going through the same, trust five of these culinary shows to inspire you to cook daily.

1. The Final Table

The Final Table is a competition based show wherein contestants take part and are grouped in twos. They’re all from different parts of the world. In each episode, they are challenged to cook a dish from a region and have to recreate it with their creativity and skills. You’ll get a whole lotta inspo from this show fo sho!

2. Sugar Rush

Do you prefer sweet over savoury? If yes, then you can’t miss out on Sugar Rush! From small cupcakes to tall, tiered cakes, contestants present something fascinating and drool-worthy in every episode.

3. Salt Fat Acid Heat

This is a show that will teach you some great tips and tricks. Chef and writer, Samin Nosrat stars in Salt Fat Acid Heat, a show based on her very own book. It explores the basic principles of what makes food delicious and how people can easily include certain elements in their everyday cooking to make their dishes impeccable.

4. Zumbo’s Just Desserts

Remember that really tall macaron tower that contestants from Masterchef Australia had to recreate in a pressure test? It was made by none other than the dessert maestro, Adriano Zumbo. Netflix has described him as the dessert wizard and that’s an apt word for him. He now judges Zumbo’s Just Desserts and puts amateur cooks to test. The winner gets to take home $100,00 as a prize.

5. Chef’s Table

Do you get fascinated about how chefs come up with the most beautiful recipes and restaurants? Then Chef’s Table is for you. You’ll be introduced to a bunch of talented chefs from all around the world in this Emmy-nominated series. They talk about their passion for food and how they turned their culinary dream into a reality. Quite honestly, I find the trailer itself so inspiring and the series is worth a watch.

Don’t these food-based shows look so good? They’ve really inspired me to get into the experimental zone during self-isolation. Which of these will you start watching first? Let me know in the comments below.

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