I’m a ‘90s baby through and through. Rest assured every popular retro trend that hit the scene I would have partaken in. From stretchy black chockers to colourful hair clips to stir-up leggings, I did it all. I was a rebel child and my parents fueled my every creative desire. I was everyone’s weird friend that watched Baywatch and Temptation Island in a time where talk of those shows was simply taboo. No one was allowed to befriend me because I was outspoken and didn’t dress traditionally.

In that time, I turned to music for solace. By the end of my schooling, I had by-hearted the lyrics to one too many tunes. I sang in my shower every chance I’d get and never felt alone again. Given the current situation, I bet a whole lot of you are lonely. And if I could have come over my melancholia with these tunes then I’m sure these tracks will help uplift you as well.

Here’s a list of my favourite retro tunes to uplift your gloomy mood:

1) Bally SagooChura Liya Hai (Remix)

This retro song seduced me into a state of calm. My body would just simply sway to the melody. Honestly, I can say without a shred of doubt that this song will forever remain one of my favourites. In fact, a lot of Bally Sagoo’s music is to die for, if you’re into that kind of stuff.

2) Falguni PathakChudi

I think Falguni introduced us to a new boy crush with every latest song release. The model from this track as especially adorable. Also, let’s not miss Riya Sen and her youthful vivaciousness. This song was definitely a dance number one will never forget.

3) Partners In Rhyme Ft. Shamsa KanwalChandni Raatein

Do you ever just have these moments where you romanticise everything in your head? Me neither, ok joking; but really every time I listen to this track I just want to stare into the moon and have a gentle breeze blow through my locks. This track is an unusual selection amongst the more popular retro tracks I’ve shared here.

4) Ustad Sultan Khan & Shreya GhoshalLeja Leja Re

I think what I liked most about this song was the artwork on the bus stop. Back then there was some weird fascination with making women look angelic and like damsels in distress. But it worked on the audiences so I guess
I never complained. Still, this retro fusion track is quite a fancy number and also pretty memorable.

5) Stereo NationNachange Sari Raat

When I was in school I remember this track being one of those tracks that everyone danced too. Chuch functions, wedding celebrations it wormed it’s way into everyone’s ears back then. It’s also quite the groovy tune if I do say so myself.

6) Instant KarmaDil Kya Kare

The imagery of this song was so scenic and every time the melody hit my ears I was instantly transported to another destination. The beats are so romantic but it also has a very nice bassline that makes you want to dance to this track.

7) Leslie Lewis Ft. Asha BhosaleJaanam Samjha Karo

This song was just magical, exactly as the video. And when they pick two top models of that time, you just can’t look away from the screen. Helen Brodie and Milind Soman feature in this romantic dance number. Another retro track of his that I loved with Asha Bhosale was Piya Tu, Ab Toh Aaja.

8) Alisha ChinaiLover Girl

I mean Alisha Chinai was the queen of pop, her music was all over the place. Every time I turned on the radio and Lover Girl played I just had to dance. You’d often see me in my own little world dancing my troubles away by my windowsill. Is Made In India currently playing in your mind? because it started to play out in mine.

9) Shiamak DavarJaane Kisne

I used to take dance classes with Shiamak Davar’s crew and this song was legitimately on loop. Every troop would come up with different choreography each time and blow our minds away. This retro track stayed on my iPod too, when they were a thing of course.

What are some of the retro tunes you’ve been listening to during quarantine? Let me know in the comments below.

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