MissMalini and Shaheen Bhatt shot a very special episode on Malini’s Girl Tribe, talking about mental health and Shaheen’s book, I’ve Never Been (Un)Happier. This interesting conversation revolved around Shaheen’s journey with battling depression and authoring the well-acclaimed book.

In this insightful video, Shaheen talks about how she was diagnosed with depression at the tender age of 18. She mentioned that took some time to accept and embrace it.  However, the process of writing really helped her look at depression from a hopeful place. Her journey when starting I’ve Never Been (Un)Happier was extremely cathartic and helped her deal with the symptoms and manage it better. Shaheen has also launched a social initiative named Here Comes The Sun aiming to holistically support those dealing with depression and anxiety.

Watch the video for that one great advice Shaheen has for those going through depression and to exactly know what a person battling with it needs to hear from a loved one.

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