The fashion industry’s most awaited event, the Met Gala, was to take place today. However, it has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Are all my fellow fashion lovers as sad as I am? I really look forward to this glamorous event each year. Ace celebrities who are invited take the avant-garde route and dress up according to the set theme, bringing some of the finest designers’ creativity in the limelight. But alas, none of us will get to see it for a while.

In order to compensate the disappointing fans and keep the spirit of the Gala alive, actor Billy Porter and the Met Museum collaborated to introduce the #MetGalaChallenge, “a challenge to end all fashion challenges” in the words of Billy.

So What Is The Challenge All About?

Billy urged all his fans in a video to recreate their favourite red carpet looks of any celebrity in the past Met Galas with all the material they have at home. The next step was to pose and post the photo on social media with #MetGalaChallenge. Now that’s super fun, right? So many people took up this challenge and I have to say, they’ve all done a great job.

Mindy Kaling Participated And Nailed It

No doubt that people on the Internet have pulled off this challenge but nothing beats Hollywood star, Mindy Kaling’s recreation. She went ahead and sported Jared Leto‘s 2019 outfit that consisted of him carrying a prosthetic version of his own head, and was one of the most-talked-about looks last year. Mindy made her own version with the help of some tarp, Christmas lights, and packing tape. She aced it, right?

All The Other People Who Aced The Challenge

It’s great to see how so many people of all age groups have been a sport and taken up this challenge with so much passion and creativity, given the fact that they had to work with limited resources at home. Take a look at some of my favourite recreations below.

Which look did you like the most? Let me know in the comments below!

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