5 Easy Steps To Revamp Old Clothes In Your Closet

Kanak Devnani , 07 May 2020
Shop Your Closet, Aayushi Bangur & Aashna Shroff (Source: Instagram | @aayushibangur, @aashnashroff)
Shop Your Closet, Aayushi Bangur & Aashna Shroff (Source: Instagram | @aayushibangur, @aashnashroff)

Every season most of us walk into our closet and scream I have nothing to wear and with that arrives our sneaky desire to go shopping for new clothes. Honestly, a lot of items get shuffled further to the back collecting dust after wearing it only a handful of times. It’s a cycle that needs to be broken because the truth is that you’re probably going to spend a lot of money on similar items you already own.

With quarantine in full effect, I think this is the perfect time to take up the challenge of going through your entire wardrobe. This will help you realize how much clothing you actually own and motivate you to get your creatives juices flowing. Warning in advance though, the idea is simple but a bit time-consuming. Remember to remove some time in your day to do this and I promise you it will be worth it!

Check out the following steps to get started on revamping your closet:

1. Get some inspiration

First things first, before you start pulling items out, do some research. Check out images of bloggers, YouTubers, Pinterest boards or even your favourite celebrities Instagram for some inspiration. This will help spark your creativity and you might be surprised to find out that you have similar items already lying around.

2. Go through every item in your closet

Play some music and have some fun with this step, it’s going to take a while. First, I would suggest sectioning your clothing by season. Try on every piece of clothing you own and organize what is worn out, what needs repairing and how it fits your current body. An important aspect of deciding to keep clothes is how we feel in them so pay attention and ask yourself this question when making your decision.

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Bueeeeno… esta temporada mi cambio de armario se ha hecho un poco pesado 😬; esto de ir haciendo a ratitos no es lo más eficiente, pero las cosas han ido de esta forma y lo importante es que ¡ya tenemos toda la ropa, accesorios y complementos adecuados para nosotras!!! 🥳🥳 Además de que nos hemos desprendido de un montón de piezas que lo único que hacían era ocupar espacio y molestar . Ahora todo lo que viene es muy emocionante porque podremos disfrutar del resultado de tanto trabajo 🛠 . Mira toda tu ropa, ¿no te encanta? 💕 Si has hecho bien la “limpieza” ahora debería entusiasmarte todo lo que tienes delante . En nada nos pondremos a colocar todo aquello que hemos decidido quedarnos, pero antes siempre siempre propongo hacer un ejercicio . ¿Cuál? ¡CREAR CONJUNTOS con todo lo que tenemos! 👚➕👖➕🥿 ➕🎒 . Ponte frente a un espejo de cuerpo entero y pruébate las diferentes prendas combinándolas entre sí; añade collares, pendientes, bolsos, zapatos… . Lo mejor es intentar hacer un montón de variaciones, pensando en situaciones más formales, menos, más sofisticadas… . No soy muy de “normas” porque todo dependerá de tu estilo de vida y necesidades, pero mínimo trata de combinar tres partes de arriba por cada parte de abajo; aunque si le pones intención seguro te salen muchísimas más . Esta parte es la más CREATIVA 🎨 de todo el proceso y la que supondrá un ANTES y un DESPUÉS en tu forma de vestir. Aprovecha para probar con mezclas que hasta ahora no has hecho; ¡disfrútalo! ❤️ . IMPORTANTÍSIMO!!! Procura capturar estos outfits tan ideales que has creado. Ya sea haciéndote una foto 📸 tu misma a través del espejo o poniendo la ropa encima de la cama… la cuestión es que en tu día a día puedas recurrir a este “book” para vestirte por las mañanas . Esta ☝🏼 es mi propuesta de tres partes de arriba para un pantalón, ¿os animáis a enseñarme las vuestras? Me encantará verlas por aquí y compartirlas (si os apetece), ¡gracias! . . . #ordenenelarmario #mycloset #looks #creaciondelooks #closet #closetorganization #asesoradeimagen #imagenpersonal #barcelona #personalshopper #shopping #fashion #fashiontips #style #styletips #tipsdemoda #instafashion #tairedondo

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3. Mix & match

Time to start playing around and have your own personal fashion show! Experiment and combine pieces you didn’t think would work. Once you start layering different textures, mixing prints and patterns, playing with colours, accessories—you’ll end up having tons of new looks ready to go! Seems overwhelming? Start off with a single item, for example, find a pair of pants and a shirt you love and try to create three different looks with it.

4. Create a catalogue

Once you’ve paired together complete outfits a great way to remember your styled looks is by creating a catalogue for them. Take pictures of you wearing the entire look that you have styled head to toe, with accessories included. Save these on a dedicated album on your phone where you can easily access them on those days, you’re not too sure of what to wear. Voila, it’s your own personal fashion catalogue.

5. Make a list of necessary items

Well, now that you’ve gone through your wardrobe,  you can make a list of key items that are missing and you feel you really need. Be very specific so you have a focused shopping list for the season and aren’t distracted by trending items. This will help you stay on budget and avoid those random splurges.

There’s so much potential with your current wardrobe. Have fun discovering all the new looks you can create. Why not call in a friend for some advice and make it a girl’s night in? It doesn’t have to be as serious as it sounds just remember to have fun with it!

Are you excited to try and shop from your existing wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below.

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