We all know that our mothers are our BFFs and forever cheerleaders. As much as we fight with them, we love them even more. They’ve taught us basic etiquette, how to cook, braid our hair, and how to dress. Apart from being my best friend, my mom is also my style guru. For as long as I was in school, I lacked a sense of style and wore some very weird clothes. My mom would always come to save me from making a fashion faux pas. But that’s the thing, fashion comes so naturally to her. From her childhood days to now, she has always kept up with the trends of her time and has dressed me up in the most stylish ways when I was a kid. She has been my #1 inspiration when it comes to style and encouraged me to explore various trends as well as taught me a few tricks, tips, and hacks. Since it’s Mother’s Day today, I thought of sharing some of these style tips I’ve learned from my mum.

1. Carry Safety pins

My mother always tells me to carry safety pins in my bag because “you never know when a button can break” or “accidentally get your shirt ripped after it being stuck in a nail.” But this is actually true. A safety pin is a quick fix to any wardrobe malfunction that requires fastening. And, if it doesn’t come in handy to you, it will certainly be of help to your girlfriends.


2. Don’t Be Afraid Of Bright Colours

It’s very common for people to not love bright tones and only stick to neutrals. Of course, that’s a personal choice. I still prefer wearing black or white outfits. However. my mom always inspires me to ditch the boring, dull tones and have fun with colours. Ever since I’ve started doing that, I have actually enjoyed dressing up.

3. Mix Ethnic With Westernwear

Mixing Indian wear with our western silhouettes is not something revolutionary to my mother. She has been doing this for a long time and still does even today. She loves wearing dresses with Indian prints on them. Furthermore, she’s a sucker for silver jewellery and never leaves the house wearing silver bangles. So here comes the next tip I learned from her, which is, silver jewellery is a universal accessory that goes with almost every silhouette. In fact, my love for silver has developed because of her.

4. Fitted On Top, Baggy Below

When I was watching Netflix‘s, Next In Fashion the other day, one of Tan France‘s tips said that you should always wear a fitted top if you plan to wear loose or baggy pants. But you know what? I already knew that because my mother left me with the exact same tip. She says that it gives you a balanced look. Now you know why I call her my style guru?

5. Colour Coordination Is Eye-Catchy

My mother also taught me the art of mixing and matching and colour co-ordinating. According to her, it shows an aesthetic sense and grabs attention.

6. Always Accessorise

The key to a complete look is to accessorise well. Simple earrings, a necklace, a bracelet or watch add a touch of elegance to your ensemble.

7. Be Presentable For Every Occasion

My mother has always believed in presentation and has communicated the same to me. Whether it is a job interview, a work meeting, or a family outing, being presentable shows that you’ve put in an effort to your look and people take you more seriously. Some of my mum’s tips, to be more presentable include a well-dressed look with neat hair, ironed clothes, minimal makeup, and accessories.

8. Keep Exploring And Experimenting

Other than all the ones I’ve mentioned above, my mother believes in having fun with fashion. She has never stopped or restricted me from wearing anything I want to. She has motivated me to experiment with all sorts of trends in clothing, hairstyles, and makeup. This is because she believes that only when you try various trends, you find out what you like the best and that helps in developing your personal style.

A lot that I’ve learned in terms of fashion is because of my loving mom. She will always be my go-to for all things style-related. I wish her a very happy Mother’s Day and hope to learn more from her every day.

What style tips did you learn from your beautiful moms? Share them with me in the comments below because I would love to know!

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