There is a special place in my heart for women who play multiple roles in their daily lives. I struggle to shuffle between the office, cleaning the house, cooking and trying to find the time to pursue hobbies, let alone taking a breather. But I cannot imagine how working mothers manage their time, maintain composure and stay energised through the day while checking off so many important tasks on a daily basis. One such amazing supermom is Ritu Rathee Taneja.

A little more about Ritu

She is not only a popular vlogger, content creator and influencer but also a pilot by profession and a full-time mother! She’s married to one of the most renowned content creators, Gaurav Taneja a.k.a Flying Beast, and apart from all the roles I’ve already mentioned above, she even manages his work. I know what you’re wondering, ‘how does she manage?’ right? Well, I asked her the same thing. Here’s what she told me…

On motherhood

I asked her how she manages her time and all the important roles she plays. Here’s what she said,

My priority out of all the roles is being a mother. Managing brand work for Gaurav and flying is definitely, difficult and time-consuming jobs, but no matter how much work is pending as an influencer or as Gaurav’s manager, I make sure I spend at least 2 hours a day specifically with my daughter, playing with her, teaching her, teasing her. The thing about our vlogs is, there are no characters that we play, our vlogs are us, in our most natural forms, so even when we are shooting, we make sure Kaira (Rasbhari) is also a part of it as much as we are because she is the most important for both us. We just be ourselves, and Gaurav shoots and edits the vlogs.

Needless to say, her journey is beyond inspiring and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to chat with her! In fact, I even went live on Instagram with this power couple, and if you missed it, here it is!

Ritu, you’re a true hero, more power to you, and I wish you happy Mother’s Day, every day. Keep shining!

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