If the heat is any indication of summer, then the summer season has started in full effect. It is time to break out your bod and flaunt those curves. What is a summer body you ask? Easy, step 1: have a body, step 2: wait for summer, step 3: you’re ready! Fun fact, you can wear anything you want, but you don’t need me to tell you that.

Whatever your body type there are ways to highlight your curves and accentuate your shapeliness. Figuring out what to wear this season can be tricky at times. Dress to wow with comfort and confidence. From breezy outfits to monochromatic looks we’ve listed a few style tips and tricks for you to live your best curvy girl life!

Keep reading to see these tried and tested outfit ideas for summer:

1. Jumpsuits Or Rompers

In the peak summer heat jumpsuits are a great one and done outfit. Stick to breathable fabrics like cotton that won’t stick to your body and give your legs some breathing room. Jumpsuits, playsuits or rompers of various cropped hemlines are the perfect way to look cute and trendy plus you can wear them for casual outings or lunch dates. A structured jumpsuit is a great way to show off your curvy hips.

Style Tip: stay away from bodycon and opt for something more tailored. A culotte jumpsuit is a great option that’s a form-flattering, dress like a silhouette with a shorter wide-leg trouser.

2. Breezy Summer Dresses

Long, short, midi length or somewhere in-between, take your pick! Summer is the season of gorgeous lightweight and breezy dresses. Whether it be floral—ground-breaking I know—or animal prints, you can style them easily for any occasion. The key here is in picking the right fit. Once again opt for more interesting fits with off-shoulder necklines or cold-shoulder, cut-outs these look flattering on everyone. Pair your flowy dresses with heels, sandals or my personal favourite, white sneakers.

Style Tip: If your dress is too big or shapeless a great way to style it is with a narrow belt. This will immediately accentuate your waist and give some shape to your body.

3. Crop-Tops

We’re all about cropped-tops at the moment. Don’t be afraid to add this skin-baring item as a staple to your closet. With so many styles and aesthetics to choose from, the important thing is that your crop-top should offer enough support as per your chest size. The easiest way to style this is with high-waisted jeans or a skirt that allows you to keep your naval covered with just the hint of skin around your natural waistline and bust. For a more tailored, sophisticated look add a blazer and some block heels.

Style Tip: Why not try a crop-top and pencil skirt for your next cocktail party, it’s something that looks chic and flattering on everyone

4. The Bodysuit

A surprisingly universal and flattering item, the bodysuit is comfort, style and convenience all rolled into one. It creates clean lines and a sleek silhouette that helps enhance your curves. A simple basic bodysuit can do wonders to elevate your trousers or shorts and with the myriad of blouse styles available, they can even be appropriate for work.

Style tip: Pick a simple V-neck or wrap-style bodysuit with skinny jeans to complement your curves.

5. A-line Skirts

The A-line skirt never seems fade, it’s a timeless piece because it appeals to a lot of women and for good reason. This style highlights the smallest part of your waist and flares out to minimize your bottom half.

Style Tip: Go for a pencil skirt if you want a more form-fitting hourglass look that will smooth out your thighs.

6. Flared Jeans

The ‘70s style wide-legged or flared jeans are on trend for this year. Women who are curvier in their hips or thighs look amazing in this style. It creates a form-fitting hourglass shape that makes your legs look longer.  Look for versions that are well fitted from your butt till your knees.

Style tip: For an elongated look, opt for a high-waisted pair that cinch at your waist with a belt teamed with heels and voila, you’ve got those model-like legs.

7. Go Monochromatic

A monochrome look is a great way to look ultra-sleek and polished with ease. Using a single colour or hue creates one uninterrupted line for your body that helps you look leaner and slimmer. Try to create a balance with more structured and looser pieces to help flatter your curves. Don’t forget your matching accessories!

Style Tip: Unsure how to try the monochrome trend? You can’t go wrong with a classic all-black ensemble and look stylishly chic.

8. Pumps Or Wedges

The only thing to note here is to avoid heels with too many lacing, straps or ankle strap shoes in general. These can break up the curvy lines of your body and make you look boxier or cut off, especially if you’re on the shorter side. If this is a worry of yours try shoes like pointy pumps or wedges that will give your leg a slimmer look.

The great thing about fashion is that it allows you to experiment and be creative. At the end of the day be yourself! Loud prints, oversized clothes or bodycon, wear whatever makes you feel happy and confident. When you feel good, you look good and that is always flattering.

How do you like to accentuate your curves? Let us know in the comments below.

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