When your hair looks its best, you feel confident and well, pretty-damn good, amirite? And while you think it’s the sulphate-free shampoo you used or the flat iron you recently purchased, it’s not. Most times our hair looks and feels a certain way because of the after-wash products that we use. The serums, leave-in creams, gels, sprays—all of that contribute to how your hair can look after your wash it. I’m going to be sharing a secret on how to layer hair products the right way that will help you obtain the finish you’re looking for.

Just like there’s a method to the way you layer your skincare products, our hair needs the exact same attention to detail and knowledge too. Adhuna Bhabani from BBLUNT India talks to us about the right way to layer our post-wash hair products.

But first, let’s understand the importance of layering hair products and how/if it really helps overall?

Adhuna: It is important to understand the possibilities that will unfold when you start to play around with your products! It can never be a one solution fits all approach because everyone has different hair texture, density, lifestyle and hair goals! Because of all of these contributory factors, one can consider personalising the products they choose to use for different occasions. Layering hair products one on top of the other can help create the perfect formula and look.

For girls with fine hair:

Q: I have fine-textured straight hair but want to achieve volume and texture?

A: I start by cleansing my scalp with the Full On Volume Shampoo and always follow it up with the Full on Volume Conditioner. For those with drier ends, you can replace it with the Intense Moisture Conditioner from our range. Then moving on to style slightly damp hair, I spritz Blown Away at the roots and apply Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave-in Cream through the mid-lengths and ends of my hair. While the volumizing spray lends volume and adds a lift to my hair at the top, the Climate Control Leave-In Cream protects and nourishes the mid-lengths and ends of my hair. It also enhances the natural movement and texture of my hair. It is a product I swear by and use by the bucketful! Someone with fine, frizzy hair may want to also add a layer of Intense Moisture Serum to the above product cocktail.

For girls with thick or coarse hair:

Q: How do I tame my thick frizzy hair?

A: Someone with thick, coarse hair could try adding a few drops of Intense Moisture Serum into the Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave-in Cream in equal proportions. You could either mix it together in the palm of your hand or first add one evenly throughout the lengths of your hair, followed by the other. This is a tried and tested concoction that works like a charm to tame any stubborn frizzy fly-aways and smoothen out coarse hair. Before beginning to style, of course, I would recommend the Intense Moisture Shampoo And Conditioner Combo that is packed with Vitamin E and Jojoba to lock in moisture and bid dry spells goodbye.

For girls with wavy or curly hair:

Q: What products can I use for my curls to stay intact?

A: Curly hair comes in many different types and densities, thick curly hair usually requires more quantity of product, whereas fine curly hair would need less. However, we have just the product that will work for both, fine or thick curls. The HD Curl Curl Defining Leave-in Cream is perfect to moisturise your curls and tame frizz, it also shapes and defines each curl. Again, depending on the density of the hair Intense Moisture Serum could be added as another layer. It can also be mixed in with the HD Curl and applied at one go from the mid-lengths to ends of your hair.

Now all that’s left to do is lather them on correctly and enjoy your natural hair this summer! Let us know in teh comments below if these tips helped 🙂

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