6 Bakers & Chefs You Need To Follow On Instagram Right Now

Nelly Wadia , 15 May 2020
A bakers mise en scène By GreenArt | www.shutterstock.com
A bakers mise en scène By GreenArt | www.shutterstock.com

I think I’ve always loved cooking and baking ever since I was a child. I enjoy that you can take different ingredients that taste like something else only to create something else all-together. You know that epiphany that Remy the rat, in Ratatouille has? Where he mixes ingredients and has an explosion of flavours in his mouth? That image goes through my mind over and over. I imagine that is how a bakers mind works too. Safe to say I’m a foodie and it always surprises me when someone says they aren’t. How can you not like to eat good food? Shocking!

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Ever since the lockdown began I’ve had this itch I needed to scratch. I needed to bake something and my colleague Alisha Fernandes is also a massive foodie. She mentioned an Instagram account, in the context of work. And I decided to check it out, I walked right into a bakers paradise. No time like the present they say and with this glorious lockdown at hand, I have the luxury of time. Time to bake anything I want. I quickly looked up a few other accounts and saved recipes that I had to try. As always, I curated a list of goodies that I can’t wait to make. I did bake a batch of fudgy brownies the other day and they were so good. Yea ok! I am tooting my horn here. Let me enjoy this quarantine bliss while it lasts.

Here’s a list of my favourite bakers to follow on Instagram:

1) Shivesh Bhatia

Listen he’s only 24 and I already envy his kitchen skills. He’s a self-taught baker and food blogger and has an insane amount of followers on Instagram. I like that his recipes are easy to achieve, easy on my pocket. His sweet and friendly disposition makes him a delight to watch. I am dying to make and eat this Parle-G Cake, doesn’t it look delish? His YouTube channel called Bake with Shivesh has more such fun recipes and experiments.

2) Heena Punwani

Heena’s Instagram is the most aesthetically pleasing. Remember the account I talked about in the introduction? It’s her account, I love her stories so much. Her very detailed mise en scène shots of the ingredients for the upcoming recipe, make my day. This delicious looking Marie-Hélène Apple Cake is going to be the apple of my eye. Can’t wait to try this buttery goodness. I really like her Insta handle tag too and can’t stop won’t stop calling her Tiffin Tales. Apart from her role on social media, she is also the Executive Pastry Chef at The Bombay Canteen.

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Marie-Hélène's Apple Cake by @doriegreenspan: Long before I became a professional chef, I learnt to bake from Dorie Greenspan’s books. I’ve always admired her greatly; she is gracious and generous with her wisdom – baking from her books almost feels like she is standing right next to you, giving you tips and encouraging you to succeed. I first made this cake back in 2010 from Dorie’s book 'Around My French Table' and I was immediately smitten. The process was so simple (basic ingredients, no mixer required), but the cake was buttery, moist and laden with gently melting apples. It’s no wonder that @food52 recently featured it in their Genius recipes! It's become one of my go-to comfort cakes, and this seemed like the perfect time to make and share it (virtually). Over the years, I’ve made a few changes to the recipe, but whichever one you follow, you’re going to bake a cake that’s just made for sharing over a cup of tea. Make it for someone you love, or just for yourself in these uncertain times – I hope it brings you the same comfort as it brings me 💛☀️ A big thank you for everything, @doriegreenspan ❤️ (Adapted recipe, how-to and baking tips in my story and profile story highlights.) #applecake #comfort #baking #doriegreenapan #french #cake #food52 #food52grams #f52community #aroundmyfrenchtable

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3) Devika Manjrekar

I actually found Devika through a friend of mine who raved about her cupcakes. Obviously, I swiftly looked her up. I thoroughly enjoy her quirky ain’t stories and very real and enlightening rants about the culinary universe. Everything she makes looks super tasty and experimental. I’d love to visit one of her popups just to tell her I think she’s super cool. She always shares helpful cooking tips and how-tos on her Instagram. But what I’m most keen to make is her yummy Brownie recipe.

4) Neha Sethi

I have been obsessed with Sweetish House Mafia for the longest time. Every time I experience a sweet tooth it means it’s time to get me a nice yummy treat. My favourite is the Nutella Sea Salt Cookie from them. And just look at this giant cookie, isn’t this making you want to rush to the kitchen and begin baking? I’m so glad they’ve been sharing recipes with noob bakers like me. Can’t wait to make a gargantuan cookie, stay tuned my Instagram followers for it shall be posted to my stories, DUH!

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Hey Fam! HAPPY SATURDAY 🙌 We’re back with #bakewithSHM and for all of you who’ve been requested eggless recipes – this ones for you!! Today we’re making a Giant chocolate chip cookie, and it’s HUGE 😋 🍪 Today’s recipe: Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie . INGREDIENTS – 1 egg yolk (or egg yolk substitute)* – 2 tbsp soft butter (30 gms) – 2 tbsp fine granulated sugar – 2 tbsp brown sugar – 1/2 tsp vanilla extract – 1/3 cup + 2 tbsp flour/maida (a little less than half cup) – 1/2 tsp baking soda – 1/2 tsp cornstarch/corn flour (optional) – 1/3 cup chocolate chips, plus more for adding on top before and after baking *Egg yolk substitute: 2 tsp baking powder + 1 tsp oil + 2 tbsp water. . INSTRUCTIONS – Preheat oven to 175C. – To a large bowl, add the butter, sugars, vanilla, and mix with a spatula/spoon aggressively for about 90 seconds. – For the egg yolk substitute mix 2 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp oil, 2 tbsp water. Add in the egg yolk substitute and mix well. – Add the flour, baking soda, and cornstarch (keeps cookie soft), and stir to combine. – Mix in the chocolate chips. – Roll dough in your hands to create a ball. Place ball on butter paper/foil lined baking sheet and flatten about halfway or so that the mound is about 1 1/2 inches thick (because dough is not chilled, cookie will spread and flatten quite a bit while baking). If desired, add additional chocolate chips to the top of cookie. – Bake for about 12 to 14 minutes (shorter for softer cookies, longer for more well-done cookies), or until edges have set and top is just set, even if slightly undercooked, pale, and glossy in the center; don’t overbake. Cookie firms up it cools. – Remove baking sheet from oven, top cookie with additional chocolate chips as desired and allow cookie to cool on baking sheet until serving. Enjoy! . 🍪 AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! Make sure you try this at home, and tag us in your photos! – stay safe and stay home 💙 . . . #chocolatechip #giantcookie #lockdownrecipes #quarantineandbake #bakewithshm #homebaker

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5) Pooja Dhingra

Pooja is probably one of the most well-known bakers and chefs out there. She’s built up her business from scratch. In fact, a very close friend of mine always boasts of how hard-working and talented this young chef is. Owner of the Le 15 chain in Mumbai, she popularised macaroons. Her Instagram is fun and clearly represents her vibe and genius skills. Since Banana Bread is the dessert to bake during this lockdown I think I might try my hand at her recipe. Like if you haven’t baked banana bread during the 2020 lockdown, did you even experience quarantine?

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Alright I know, I know we all are making too much banana bread but it’s SO good. I adapted a recipe from my first book – The Big Book of Treats to make this. Something comforting, slightly more cakey and something that hits the spot. This is the recipe I used. For those wanting an eggless Banana Bread/cake – sharing @sonamkapoor’s recipe VERY soon. ⁣ ⁣ Ingredients ⁣ 3 ripe bananas ⁣ 150g butter ⁣ 200g brown sugar (use whichever sugar you can find!)⁣ 225g flour ⁣ 1 tsp baking powder⁣ 1/2 tsp cinnamon⁣ 100g walnuts⁣ 100g chocolate chips (can skip) ⁣ 3 eggs ⁣ Pinch of salt ⁣ ⁣ Method⁣ – Mash the bananas ⁣ – Cream the butter, sugar and cinnamon till⁣ Light and fluffy ⁣ – Add the eggs, one at a time, whisking well after each addition⁣ – Add the mash bananas to the above⁣ – Sift/whisk the baking powder +⁣ Flour and fold in slowly to the above mixture⁣ – Add walnuts, salt and chocolate and fold in⁣ – Transfer to an 8 inch cake tin or a bread pan and bake at 165c for 35-40 mins ⁣(you can sprinkle some chocolate chips on top) – Enjoy! 😊🧚🏾‍♂️💕 ⁣ #BananaBread #BananaCake #recipe #KitchenQuarantine #BakeWithLe15 #Le15 #Banana #TogetherAtHome

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6) Niti Mayer

Niti is the sister of my ex-colleague Isha, so it’s no surprise that I found out about her through my colleagues Insta stories. When I checked out her Instagram page, I realised she’s a lawyer who makes these beautiful delicious baked goodies. What I enjoy even more is when bakers are willing to share their recipes with the world. I mean goodness is meant to be shared, amirite? Take a look at her aesthetically curated page and I was most enchanted by Marble Cake with Roasted Hazelnut And Chocolate Ganache. Might give this one a try for sure.

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Are you following these bakers and chefs on Instagram already? Let me know in the comments below.

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