Vidyut Jammwal and Manish Pant
Vidyut Jammwal and Manish Pant

In tough times like these, where staying positive, calm and composed is an everyday struggle, it’s the little act of kindness that brings little joys in our lives. The COVID-19 outbreak may have forced us to be confined in our respective homes but it has also brought us to help and connect with each other like never before. That’s exactly how our modern-day Hanuman, Manish Pant has been connecting and helping the people of Uttarakhand. And when the Commando actor Vidyut Jammwal got to know about this, he shared an endearing and sweet message for the gentleman.

Right now, the coronavirus pandemic is all anyone can talk about. You’re not alone if you feel overwhelmed or mostly find yourself focusing and dwelling on the worst-case scenarios. So let’s take a moment and shift our attention towards the positive things going on in these trying times. We at MissMalini have recently come up with the Indian edition of John Krasinski‘s show, Some Good News, where we share stories of kindness and joy amidst the COVID-19 situation. One such story which struck a chord with us was that of Manish’s who delivered items like medicines to the far east areas of Uttarakhand.

Not just this, the episode also has a lot of other good news that will surely bring a smile to your face. Okay, I will give you a little hint. It’s about all things love in the time of coronavirus!

Singer Shibani Kashyap and actor, TV host and travel vlogger Shenaz Treasurywala were also a part of this episode to spread lots of great music and joy.

Catch the entire episode here, with lots of stories about all the good news happening around you: