3 Scarf-Only Hairstyles To Wear For Your WFH Zoom Meetings

Saania Hava , 18 May 2020
3 Scarf-Only Hairstyles
3 Scarf-Only Hairstyles

Hey you, diligent employee… So, since working from home has become the new normal, video calls are now a part of your every day, which means only the top half of your body is on screen, so it’s easy to cheat with the shorts or sweat pants. But what about your unkempt hair? Also, this current weather isn’t helping to tame the frizz either, amirite? So, instead of the good ol’ top knot or high bun, we’ve found new ways to spruce up your WFH look! Added bonus—you need only one accessory for this!

Here are 3 cute looks you can achieve with a simple scarf that you probably already have in your wardrobe.

Look 1: Retro

Scarf Hairstyle Retro
Scarf Hairstyle Retro
  1. Prep your hair by tying it into a low pony
  2. Take a square scarf and fold it into a triangle
  3. Place the scarf on your forehead with the triangular bit falling over your head
  4. Use the ends to tie the scarf and then open up your pony
  5. Secure the scarf in place with bobby pins

That’s a super quick retro look for when you want to cover your unruly baby hair and still look stylish on a video call. You can use a scarf of any material for this one really–chiffon, georgette, cotton, silk!

Look 2: Boho

Scarf hairstyle boho
Scarf hairstyle boho
  1. Take a long scarf and place it on your head like a hairband and tie a knot at the nape of your neck
  2. Make three sections in your hair to create a braid
  3. Add the long end of the scarf to two sections of your sectioned hair
  4. Tie a regular braid
  5. Once braided, use the leftover scarf to secure the end as you would do with a rubber band. (You can skip this and use a hair tie instead)

Braids are best for those days when you haven’t washed your tresses. The scarf peeps through just enough to instantly lift a dull braid while adding some colour and texture. Subtle and elegant!

Look 3: Preppy

Scarf hairstyle preppy
Scarf hairstyle preppy
  1. Section your crown and tie a half-bun/man bun slightly higher than you normally would
  2. Use a small scarf to wrap around this half bun
  3. Tie a knot once wrapped and leave the ends slightly long

Swapping your regular black hair tie with a printed/colourful scarf is a nice way to add some extra volume to your half-bun. And also, these are quite the trend!

So easy to stay fashionable while concealing a bad hair day! Which look are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments below.

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