The loss of livelihood and innumerable hardships that the current pandemic has brought to the lives of many is unfathomable. Financial crunch, unemployment, no proper access to medical amenities are just a few issues to name. And even now, nation-wide lockdown seems to be the only wise way to curb the spread. While some of us have been passing through this rough patch rather smoothly, there is a whole section of society that are on quite a rocky road. For instance, the fashion industry, in particular, is crippled, and artisans, embroiders, and tailors are amongst the hardest hit. However, in adverse times like these, it is a delight to see many from the industry lend a helping hand to those in need. Amongst the various contributions, designer Farah Sanjana banded together a group of 14 fashion designers to announce an initiative called #SavingTheArtist to further contribute towards the betterment of these workers and fundraise for the Sneha Foundation as well.

The complete list of designers is as follows: Farah Sanjana, Neeta Lulla, Shriya Som, Archana Rao, Gabriella Demetriades, Jayanti Reddy, Akanksha Gajria, Nitya Bajaj, Eishita Puri, Sohni Patel, Shirin Mann, Suman B, Ridhi Mehra, and Shehla Khan. The initiative is in collaboration with Sneha, a non-profit organisation that works against domestic violence and child malnutrition. This is important to note because as we have been in lockdown since March-end now, official reports report a rise in domestic violence during this time because victims have no way of distancing themselves from their abusers and are stuck at home with them.

#SavingTheArtist x Sneha
#SavingTheArtist x Sneha

How the initiative works:

The way that the #SavingTheArtist initiative works is fairly easy, and you and I can partake as well. The designers are selling 2 of their most popular pieces via a common Instagram handle @savingtheartist. 100% of the proceedings made via these sales will be used for the workers’ welfare and with the Sneha foundation. The proceedings are divided into 2 parts. 80% of the revenue from these purchases will be credited to the workers associated with the designers’ organisations. The remaining 20% of the revenue will go to Sneha to help them fight their fight against gender-based violence. The revenue which will be used for the workers will provide them with essentials like ration kits, medicines, masks, sanitizers and shelter. Scroll below to check out their page.

Karigars, artisans, tailors, embroiderers, and more, these unsung heroes are the ultimate driving force of the fashion industry. Like designer Farah Sanjana rightly said:

I firmly believe that no man or woman is an island. Every piece of fashion has so many inputs from so many unseen faces and hands, that give voice to the imagination and creative output of a designer.

And for that, it is our duty to help them in times of adversity. On that note, we hope that this initiative will help and provide relief to these workers. What are your thoughts on this step that the designers are taking? Let us know in the comments below!

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