Zoa Morani was one of the first celebrities in India to have contracted the Coronavirus. Zoa, along with her sister Shaza Morani and father Karim Morani were tested positive for the virus in April. After undergoing treatment, they tested negative and were discharged from the hospital. Now, the actress decided to help save other lives from this deadly virus by donating her plasma.

Zoa donated her plasma right after she was discharged from the hospital. She took to her Instagram again yesterday to talk about how she decided to go for it the second time to help save more lives. Sharing a picture of herself on the hospital bed during the plasma exchange session, Zoa wrote, “Plasma donation round 2…Last time it helped get a patient out of ICU , Note from my Doctor “hoping all recovered covid patients come out and donate their blood , u may be able to help someone”.

Have a look at her post:

This is such an important message in these times. Nothing is more important now than to be able to save lives, and it is so great what the actress is doing. More power to you, Zoa!