Form follows function, and so does fashion this season with the reinstatement of the utility trend. A quick brush up for those of you who are new to this term; utility in fashion usually translates to functionality. The inspiration comes from the great outdoors, and military uniforms. A refreshing change from glamour, this practical wear is summer’s most appreciated look!

It is easy to wear and flattering when styled right, and is effortlessly cool! The big fashion houses have also taken it upon them to reinterpret this fashion trend and can be seen modelled on the runways of fashion weeks. Storming the ramps and streets are these refreshingly, comfortable utility items with accents of pockets, drawstrings, zips, belts and light-weight material to suit daily activities.

To give you a better insight into the functionality of this trend, here are 5 key components in utility wear:

  • Nature-Inspired Colour Palette: The colours found in this trend, range from sandy beiges, warm browns to mossy greens.
  • Durable Material: An important factor in this trend is comfort and reliability, which is brought on by the choice of material used.
  • Relaxed Fits: We see cohesion in the men and women’s wear in this trend. The clothes tend to be oversized, loose and structured. Say good-bye to tight, body-hugging pieces.
  • Practical Details: Pockets, zips, and strings are given importance to in this trend.
  • Fun Accessories: Sport utility in the form of accessories such as belt bags, canvas belts, combat boots and bucket hats!

Excited to give the utility trend a try? Let’s embark on a utility fashion voyage!

Take some inspiration from our selection of these elevated key fashion utility pieces:

1. Cargo Pants

A staple fashion piece in the utility trend is none other than the beloved cargo pants. Chic and contemporary, these can be used to style up or down your look depending on what you choose to pair it with. Take a style cue from Riya Jain, and go for a completely cool look by matching the colour palette of your top and cargo’s. In addition, you can dress up the look like she has by putting on some heels and accessories!

2. Boiler Suit

Famously known to be the uniform of mechanics and cadets, boiler suits have now taken a fashionable twist! They are one of the easiest pieces to adorn amongst the utility pieces. Avoid looking grungy by ensuring the fit is boxy and accessories are kept to a minimal. Moreover, if you would like to accentuate your figure, choose a suit with an elasticated waist and detachable belt. We love how Diipa Khosla has complimented her mossy, green boiler suit with a pair of tan heels and kept her makeup natural.

3.  Utility Jacket

A utility jacket is a wardrobe essential just as important as a denim or leather jacket. Whether military, flak, or safari style, choose the one best suited to your wardrobe. Shereen Sikka has chosen well, with an oversized, comfortable and pocket-happy jacket. She is working it by layering it over her otherwise simple outfit. Alternatively, choose to pair these with wide-leg jeans and some heeled boots to amp up your look.

4. Safari Suit

Wish to stand out and make a statement? No one does it better than Larissa D’Sa wearing a chic safari pantsuit by Moral Science. A monochromatic set in a bright bright colour such as the one she is wearing helps in enhancing the overall look. A great pick for formal occasions, a safari suit will keep you comfortable without compromising on your style. Furthermore, we see how the utility is highlighted with pockets in the shirts, and army-inspired pants with pleats + pockets. Take inspiration from her look and layer up the accessories, unbutton the shirt and pair it with a crop-top to bring out the sexy!

5. Utility Skirt

We simply cannot imagine summer without skirts! Strut those long legs while looking effortlessly chic in a utility skirt like Alina Gavrilov. A wrap-over skirt with pockets, belts or zips are reminiscent of the ’90s but can adapt to look modern when paired right. White tees, oversized shirts or roll-necks are great options to go with your utility skirt. For a more edgy appearance, finish off your look with some paired-back accessories, strappy heels or chunky boots. Alternatively, keep it simple and cute like Alina with some gorgeous summer flats, and a matching headband.

6. Combat Boots

A constant style we see reappearing every year is none other than the combat boots! You can pair them up with a dress for a more elegant look, or a leather jacket for a tough girl look. Santoshi Shetty‘s combat boots are speaking for themself in this edgy look. This footwear trend is a funky and exciting addition to your wardrobe!

7. Belt Bag And Fanny Pack

Make a statement to your overall look by adding a belt bag or a fanny pack. Stylish yet practical, these have been a raging trend. In short, if you wish to dress simple but add a utilitarian trend to your look, a military print or warm colour can surely spruce it up. Sandy Gill‘s selection of a camo, print fanny pack paired with the athletic gear is effortlessly cool indeed!

What utility fashion trend are you most excited to incorporate in your look? Let us know in the comments below.

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