‘Unfortunately I Couldn’t Be Seen More’ — Rashami Desai On Exiting Naagin 4

‘Unfortunately I Couldn’t Be Seen More’ — Rashami Desai On Exiting Naagin 4

Shubanka Sridhar

Due to the nationwide lockdown, a lot of TV shows and films have halted their shoots, leaving audiences confused about their revival. Naagin 4 is one such show that viewers desperately want to know about. While rumours were rife about the show being discontinued, the show-maker Ekta Kapoor decided to clear it up for everyone that they are going to wrap up season 4 and start with season 5 of the show.

Another talking point when it came to the show was Rashami Desai aka Shakala exiting. Rumours suggested that she was asked to leave as the script no longer supported her role. Ekta, in her video, said that Rashami’s character was a special appearance.

Further confirming the news, Rashami herself took to her Twitter to write a note about the same and said:

As it’s said a wonderful heart is a magnet for miracles and that is you @ektarkapoor. Thank you for having me unfortunately I couldn’t be seen more but fortunate enough to know there’s a long way to go…Thank you for having me in #Naagin4.

About the show, Ekta further stated in the video that she has already locked the script for season 5 of the show, which they will shoot right after wrapping up the finale episodes of season 4. The 4th season also starred Nia Sharma, Anita Hassnandani among others, and Ekta’s said she will be coming up with a new cast for season 5. Of course, all this will happen only after the shoots for television and film are back on track as per government rules and regulations.

This is sad news for all Rashami fans, but we are sure she’ll come back with something super special very soon! And we are super excited for Naagin 4‘s finale and the upcoming 5th season.