It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow! And since we’re all locked in our houses, what better way to spend the day than watch an apt movie with your mom for the occasion. We’ve listed 6 badass moms in movies that we’ve loved over the years. You could set up a movie date with your mom to make her day special and watch one of these movies. They’ll surely remind us of everything that our mom’s do for us. Scroll down to check out the full list.

1. Sandra Bullocks in The Blind Side

An interior decorator, Sandra is a doting mom in this one. She adopts Michael Oher, a homeless teenager, and takes such good care of him, considering him as her own son. Their journey through thick and thin can sure make one teary-eyed.

2. Sridevi in MOM

A biology teacher, Sridevi is a stepmother who loves her daughter to the moon and back. But things take a harsh turn when four men rape her stepdaughter and are later acquitted by the court. She then sets out to get revenge.

3. Ganga Singh in Ram Teri Ganga Maili

Abandoned by her husband, Ganga gives birth to their son. That’s when she sets out on a journey to Calcutta to find her husband and ensure a better future for her son. Throughout her journey, she goes through some pretty rough times but she keeps going on for her son.

4. Priyanka Chopra in Mary Kom

You see the struggles of Priyanka as a mom right from the first scene of the movie. She is a passionate mother who makes her boxing dream come true along with being her kids’ biggest support system.

5. Uma Thurman in Kill Bill

A pregnant assassin, Uma, slips into a 4-year long coma when her ex-boss Bill brutally attacks her. After finally waking up from her coma after 4 years, she sets out on a journey to seek revenge on Bill and his associates, who also has her child.

6. Sandra Bullocks in Bird Box

Determined to get her kids to the ‘one safe place’, Sandra fears nothing when it comes to them. And so, she embarks on an extremely dangerous journey through rapid waters and scary woods to get to the sanctuary.

Which one of these movies do you plan to watch? Let us know in the comments below.

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