Green Concealer Is The Secret Weapon To Your Makeup Routine

Natasha Patel , 02 Jun 2020
Green Colour Corrector

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing more I hate than when I see a pesky, inflamed pimple rise on my face. It’s like all the memes say—I take care of you with expensive products, so why TF do you do this to me? It’s true. And unfortunate but it’s not the expensive products’ fault. Sometimes our bodies have a way of signalling certain things to us… Too much sugar, dairy, stress, irregular sleeping cycles, lack of nutrients, our monthly period can all lead to the birth of a pimple on your otherwise perfect face.

But covering your huge pimple with concealer and foundation isn’t enough… You need a green concealer aka a colour corrector. I’m sure you’ve read many articles and seen many videos on how you can conceal darkness around the eyes with an orangey/red corrector and then go in with the concealer and apply it over, right? Well, the same rules apply to the green colour corrector! It may sound crazy but if you look at a colour wheel, there’s actually a lot of sense to it…

Pretend you’re back in the 2nd grade right now. All your complementary colours are colours (orange, green and purple) usually fall on opposite sides of the primary colours (red, blue and yellow)—meaning they cancel each other out when they’re used together.

Since green and red are on the opposite side of the wheel, it’s a known fact that the colour green neutralises any redness, basically your angry big pimple!

Here’s how to use a green corrector:

  • make your face is cleansed to get rid of oil buildup
  • dot the green corrector where need be and blend it with a blender or your fingers
  • apply your foundation all over your face and blend it
  • now spot correct with your regualr concealer
  • set it all in place with powder

Here are a couple of my favourite green colour correctors:


Have you ever tried using a green concealer corrector on your redness or any pimple? Let us know in the comments below.

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