Abhi And Niyu Share 5 Ways To Adapt A Sustainable Lifestyle

Karishma Govil , 05 Jun 2020
Creator Duo, Abhi & Niyu
Creator Duo, Abhi And Niyu

The world is going through so much, already halfway into the year. Not only are we dealing with a global pandemic, but we’re also facing natural calamities due to global warming. During these circumstances, many celebrities and content creators use the power of social media to spread awareness of such issues and help their audiences cope with them too. One such content creator duo, Abhi And Niyu do exactly that.

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Hey guys, Niyu here. Usually its Abhi who writes beautiful parts of our story, but today, I wanted to step in. We celebrated our 2nd anniversary on 6th May. Typical of our lives these days, we spent it completely involved in work. But good work makes Abhi happy. And when Abhi is happy, I am happy. A lot has been said about happiness because of the lockdown and as a bit of a quiet romantic, I want to chip in my 2 cents. Happiness for me is Abhi. It is the life we've sort of grown in together. When we were leaving for our honeymoon together, it was the first time Abhi was traveling to Europe and as I took him around everywhere, his wonder and happiness made me feel happy. Whether it was us exploring, or simply spending time watching crystal clear water, our honeymoon was just how it is supposed to be, dreamy. We explored new places and found a small corner together. A corner of shared memories. And as time passed, we kept creating more shared memories together. Finding new projects together, launching the 100 reasons series and actually traveling across India and making memories. And we create shared memories these days too. We snuggle, beat each other at Ludo and watch TV series together. It is more time for us to just give in to each other. More time to comfort each other, and more time to simply be content with each other. These days, we tend to place happiness on a huge pedestal. We put a 100 steps to achieve it, make plans, and generally just try to push it as far away from us as possible. But, I think happiness is as simple as a small smile. Or a laugh. As I think back on our honeymoon, the small things stand out. The small memories. Taking the wrong route, sneaking a kiss somewhere, recording ridiculous boomerangs, Abhi pushing my eclair on my nose. Us screaming on a roller coaster in Vienna. When there is no pressure of expectations, everything flows so much better. Making Abhi smile made me feel so happy inside 2 years ago. And it still does today. Perhaps that is the key to a "happy" marriage. When your partner and his smile means the most in the world. I love you, Abhi! (swipe for some really nice photos from our honeymoon)

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A little more about the duo

Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha (Abhi) and Niyati Mavinkurve (Niyu) are content creators who together gained popularity through their initiative #100ReasonsToLoveIndia where they spent 200 days travelling the country to highlight the 100 reasons to celebrate our glorious country. But what really caught the country’s attention was their Instagram video called ‘This Is Stupid – Reason X‘ that gained virality as it shed light on the problems created due to the amount of lead present in paint that is used to decorate Ganpati idols during Ganesh Chaturthi. Ever since then, they use their social media presence to create awareness of many such pressing issues.

Here’s what they have to say about sustainability

We all are very fortunate to have escaped the fury of Cyclone Nisarg just a few days ago. Nature is giving us proof almost everyday of how we are crossing a line. COVID-19 and the lockdown have provided us with an opportunity to review our habits and work towards making a concrete difference in the way we live our lives. This World Environment Day, let us move towards a life which is more in harmony with nature, putting nature first.

Abhi And Niyu share 5 ways we can choose a sustainable living and why. Here they are.

1. Save water

Water | www.shutterstock.com
Water | www.shutterstock.com

According to Abhi And  Niyu,

India has 16% of the world’s population and less than 3% of its freshwater resources. With our cities becoming concrete jungles, groundwater is running dry. It’s time for you to save water. Ditch the showers and shut the tap when you brush. Data is the new oil, but a war will be fought for water, that is if you are not careful enough.

2. Reuse clothes and shoes

Sustainable Concept Development by venimo | www.shutterstock.com
Sustainable Concept Development by venimo | www.shutterstock.com

This is a great tip for anyone who shops for apparels and footwear often. They said,

The apparel and footwear industries together harm the environment more than aviation. Surprised? It’s time to do what we did as kids. Reuse each item multiple times or donate it for a second life.

3. Go chemical-free

Woman Using Soap By Pressmaster | Source: Shutterstock
Woman Using Bar Of Soap By Pressmaster | Source: Shutterstock

Here’s what they had to say about chemicals we use daily,

Our oceans and seas are much more important than you think. They absorb most of the heat around us and underwater plants produce much of the oxygen we breathe. Let us then not discharge toxic chemicals from floor cleaners, soaps, shampoos and detergents. India has a brilliant traditional alternative to soap–reetha or soapnut.

4. Compost your waste

Food Waste (Image courtesy :Shutterstock)
Food Waste (Image courtesy :Shutterstock)

The below details about compost are super interesting and definitely worth a try. They said,

It’s time to get your hands dirty–literally. You’ve seen those rotting piles of garbage in our cities. It’s time you fix it. All your kitchen waste can easily be composted in a pot. The whole process is fun and you get a peek into how microbes work! Follow @wormrani or @dailydumpcompost for more info on composting.

5. Plant-based meals

Healthy vegan food by RONEDYA | www.shutterstock.com
Healthy vegan food by RONEDYA | www.shutterstock.com

Here’s their take on plant-based meals,

The world needs to shift towards plant-based meals. And India has a treasure trove of vegetarian food. Try incorporating drought-resistant millets in your diet. They use less water and provide more nutrients. This is not a guilt trip. Try to have as many plant-based meals as you can.

We’re so glad we could speak to this conscious couple about the environment and how we can do our small bit to improve it. This World Environment Day, let’s pledge to be better citizens and contribute to a better world in the future.

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