Here's A List Of Documentaries To Binge-Watch This World Environmental Day

Pallavi Manoj , 05 Jun 2020
Our Planet poster and a still from Before The Flood
Our Planet poster and a still from Before The Flood

Today is World Environment Day and that should be enough reason for us to watch some educational content if one doesn’t do so already. And as is the norm, you might have come across many social media posts asking you to save water, get rid of plastic and so much more. But I’m about to give you a concise list of docu-series, documentaries or shows that will actually compel you to stop and think about mother nature. Trust me on this one.

Here are 6 such thought-provoking video series to watch out for:

Our Planet (2019)

Where you can watch it: Netflix

This documentary about the interconnected ecosystem of our planet is soothing is nothing else. The background score and the breathtaking shots of every tiny detail of an entire world that many of us have hardly thought about will leave you stunned. Sir David Attenborough’s soothing narration will make you want to listen just as much you want to stare at the visuals.

Jane Goodall: Saving Paradise Animal (2017)

Where you can watch it: Disney+Hotstar

Featuring one of the world’s leading conservationist campaigners, Jane Goodall, the documentary shines an enlightening spotlight on practical marine conservation in islands off the Tanzania coast.

Before The Flood (2016)

Where you can watch it: Disney+Hotstar

Oldie but a goodie in the social media age. You must’ve heard of this one thanks to Hollywood actor Leonardo Di Caprio teaming up with National Geographic for this documentary to showcase the seriousness with which we should consider climate change. It talks about problems like rising sea levels, deforestation, and other destruction caused by humans but also provides us with solutions for the same.

 Surviving The Lagoon (2018)

Where you can watch it: Amazon Prime

This one is a film that’s about 52 minutes long. But totally worth it. This tells the story of a little surgeonfish that has to learn how to survive in the heart of the pacific between a lagoon and an ocean. Only one out of millions of these creatures actually make it to adulthood.

Racing Extinction (2015)

Where you can watch it: YouTube

This one is too close to home, especially while we’re all under lockdown. A team of eco-activists explores the man-made causes of a sixth mass extinction which biologists predict could eradicate half of all of Earth’s species. They actually go undercover animal trade black market and use specialized cameras to show carbon and methane emissions to the human eye for the first time ever.

Elephants (2020)

Where you can watch it: Disney+Hotstar

In the Footsteps of Elephant follows filmmakers as they capture the epic journey of African elephants across the Kalahari desert. The documentary is narrated by the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. ‘Nuff said? Amirite?

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