Exclusive: 'I Have Been Less Popular, But I Am Still Very Happy' — Vaani Kapoor

Shravan Shah , 08 Jun 2020
Vaani Kapoor(Source: Instagram | @yasminkarachiwala)
Vaani Kapoor(Source: Instagram | @yasminkarachiwala)

Back in 2013, I vividly remember this specific conversation I had with my uncle after watching Shuddh Desi Romance. I loved the ideology the film projected (even though my uncle had opposite views). It was a  long conversation because that’s how much I had loved the film and the actors who starred in it. The character I loved the most from the film though was Tara. It was Vaani Kapoor’s debut film, and she essayed the role so well, I was sold on her idea of relationships. 

Fast forward to 2020. 7 years have passed and Vaani has starred in 4 films. The actress has made sure that even though some may think otherwise, she is happy with the way her filmography has panned out.

I have always believed my gut and instincts and I have just followed that. I followed my gut whenever I felt like something was right about a particular project, and I did it. If I felt otherwise, I let it go. I am quite happy with those choices because these are my choices. I am pretty content with it ’cause I got to choose and I got to decide from the options that came my way and I was my sole decision-maker. I have nobody else to ever complain to or even blame. At times, it might feel like it’s a huge risk for somebody who’s in my position who doesn’t have so many films in 7 years. I have made less money, I have been less popular but I am still very happy and that’s what counts.

How can starring in a lesser number of films even be a downside when she was part of a film like WAR in 2019. I mean, that film was a massive hit and she had a pivotal role in it. 

Talking about that, Vaani added,

Like everybody else, even I was dying for both Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan to come together on-screen. And I think that’s what worked, and of course the storyline. As an artist, being a part of a film like this helped me. Even though I had a small role, I loved the part because it was very imperative to the storyline. I liked the way my scenes were written and the character graph it had. It was the smallest part of the film but it added substance to it which is what I liked about Naina. 

Now, how many times have you heard a Bollywood actress be this frank, amirite? As a moviegoer, I have always believed that it is the substance of a role that matters and not the length of the character on-screen. Vaani feels the same.

She further said,

I know everybody has their theories and stuff. Everybody has their way of seeing things, reasons to select and be a part of certain projects. But this doesn’t mean I am not greedy as an actor and that someday I would want films to ride on my shoulders. But then, I also don’t shy away from being a part of projects which matter to my career at this time. Like, a good film with talented artists which is a good package where even I get to play a pivotal part which has substance. WAR had it and hence I decided to be a part of it. 

It worked for Vaani because I wouldn’t want to change a single cast of the film. It has become one of those films for me which I can watch over and over again and yet not get bored of.

Now, the actress has another big project on her cards — Shamshera. The film is a period drama and she is all set to star opposite Ranbir Kapoor in it. 

The unit has already finished shooting for this one and divulging details about the release, Kapoor said,

We were ready to release the film as per the scheduled date, but because of the crisis, everything has been pushed until further notice. I am just hoping that we can get out of this crisis and go back to normal. 

Ask her to describe her role in Shamshera in three words and measuring her words, she said, 

I’ll have to be very very cautious of what words I say because, you know, I can’t disclose too much. So, it’s a period film and I have a role which is very desi. Something I have never done before. There is a whole journey to this character. You know, there is a whole evolution happening. See, it’s a dacoit film at the end of the day, so it has a very different feel to it. Again, something I have never been part of. It’s very different from Naina in WAR or Shyra in Befikre. It’s a very earthy, Indian, rooted character. 

Now, I for sure can’t wait to watch this one. What about you guys?

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