Pretty Little Liars is the first-ever show that I quite actually binge-watched. I was gaga over it for its never-ending drama and crazy cliffhangers. In case you can’t recall the plot, four best friends are bullied and threatened by an anonymous person called A, with their darkest secrets. The twist is that a former group member of theirs, Alison DiLaurentis who is allegedly dead is the only one that knows these secrets. Aside from its intense storyline, another reason that I was hooked onto Pretty Little Liars was for their ultra-tasteful fashion choices.

The show is set in a time where the characters, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Spencer Hastings, Emily Fields and Alison DiLaurentis are in high school. Despite them being school-going girls, their fashion sense is for the books. All the characters have a very versatile style that has something for everyone’s tastes. Aria’s sartorial sense is boho with elegance, while Hanna is the glamorous one. Spencer boasts her sophisticated culture with rich, tailored outfits while Emily is your typical, sporty girl-next-door and Alison channels her feminine side with girly outfits. On account of Pretty Little Liars’ 10th anniversary, let’s decode the characters’ fashion sense, shall we?

Ahead, we give you a complete breakdown of each of their style:

1. Aria Montgomery played by Lucy Hale

Aria was the mature one from the group and did not shy away from experimenting. She gave her stamp of approval on mixing prints and colour blocking. Layering outfits was her favourite thing to do and was often spotted wearing cropped jackets. Knee-high boots, skater skirts and empire waist dresses are a few of her favoured ensembles.

2. Hanna Marin played by Ashley Benson

Hanna was the glamorous diva or the fashionista of the bunch. Her picks oscillated between a variety of trends. LBD‘s, mini skirts, ruffles, bows, lace were her common wardrobe elements. But, almost all of her outfits included blazers. The actor also understood the importance of jewellery and was regularly seen sporting dainty to statement neckpieces. No matter what the day or occasion, the one thing that Hanna forever stood by was a good pair of heels.

3. Spencer Hastings played by Troian Bellisario

Spencer can be described using two words: ambitious and a perfectionist. She is driven by the high expectations of her parents. Spencer‘s family is powerful and rich and her outfits channel exactly her status. Her off-duty and on-duty styles include ensembles that are sophisticated and top-notch. Various iterations of the shirt, well-fitted trousers, cropped blazers to regular ones make up most of her closet. When she’s relaxing, she opts for sweatshirts with fitted jeans, almost always looking put-together. The one accessory she swears by are belts and always cinches her outfits with them.

4. Emily Fields played by Shay Mitchell

Emily is rather the quiet one with a basic style sense. However, even her basic outfit choices don’t fail to stand out. Given her sporty lifestyle, she is mostly found wearing denim. Bootcut jeans to narrow-bottoms teamed with simple t-shirts. On occasions, she notches up her ensembles with cargo jackets or leather jackets featuring zips. She also does not shy away from flaunting her toned legs in denim shorts and skirts teamed with tank tops and flannel shirts. At times, she adds a grunge vibe to her outfits by picking distressed jeans or ripped blouses. Sneakers are a constant in her style book and only do justice to her athletic style.

5. Alison DiLaurentis played by Sasha Pieterse

The strange nature of Alison would only make one question what her fashion choices would be like, right? However, whenever she is making a cameo in the show, she’s dressed in all things girly. Her closet is feminine with a touch of sophistication. The most common style elements spotted on her are floral prints, a pink colour palette, ruffles and lace.

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