Malini's Girl Tribe Influencer Masterclass
Malini’s Girl Tribe Influencer Masterclass

Malini’s Girl Tribe is turning out to be a hot favourite among ladies on Facebook! It is the first place I scroll through after logging in. Entertainment, education, talent, therapy, relationship advice, business and career advice and so much more! This is the most value adding platform on social media that I’ve ever been a part of because there is so much to look forward to every single day.

Recently, Team Girl Tribe hosted a virtual Influencer Masterclass with top Instagram food bloggers, Trupti Marolia and Vidhi Doshi. The session was educational and so much fun. The audience, a group of aspiring content creators learnt some valuable lessons as these famous influencers candidly shared their success mantras. They threw light on the good and bad experiences in their journey and all that they have learnt so far.

While we learnt a plethora of hacks to strengthen our blogging game on Instagram, these are top 5 takeaways from the brilliant session:

1. Focus on a particular subject or area of interest

To curate a successful feed on Instagram, one must choose a subject to highlight and post focussed content on the same. General pages don’t generate interest for a wide range of audience. Food, health, social causes, beauty, art, interiors, management or simply quotes of great men. Choose an area of deep interest to you and post regularly!

2. Consistency is the key

If you are an aspiring blogger or wish to level up your social media game, consistency in posting is particularly important. As per Trupti, one must post everyday to make his/her presence felt. According to her, out of sight is truly out of mind when it comes to social media. Original content, even if not fancy, should go up every single day.

3. Show your personality in the content you post

Trupti and Vidhi strongly advise bloggers to post original work rather than reposting. To establish a strong connect with the audience, it is important to showcase your unique personality in the content that is being shared. This helps attract and inspire those with similar interests.

4. Use Instagram tools and promote your page

Instagram business profile provides us with in-depth insights. It has made it easy to gauge how every post performs with respect to engagement, reach, comments and reactions. An aspiring blogger can frame a content plan as per insights to strengthen the profile and schedule future content.

5. Collaborate and promote your page

Vidhi recommends promoting your page by collaborating with fellow influencers and businesses in the domain. Collaborations give a huge boost to the number of followers and help in cross marketing your profile.

Watch this fun video to see the snippets of the virtual masterclass.

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