Denim On Denim Looks, Roshni Bhatia & Juhi Godambe | (Source: Instagram | @thechiquefactor ,@juhigodambe)
Denim On Denim Looks, Roshni Bhatia & Juhi Godambe | (Source: Instagram | @thechiquefactor ,@juhigodambe)

Denim—a durable cotton textile that is designed for comfort. It originated and got its term from France, but it was Americans’ Levi Strauss (founder of Levis brand) and Jacob Davis who made the fabric popular. Back in the day, denim symbolized rebellion and was banned in many places. Only later in the ‘60s and ‘70s, it crossed its way to over to the fashion world.

We all have our favourite ride or die pair of jeans and a denim jacket staple in our wardrobe. But have we ever dared to go beyond the single item and given the all-denim look a try? The denim on denim trend is also frequently referred to as the Canadian tuxedo, where you mix and match separate denim pieces to create one outfit. A look made popular by the wild west cowboys and carried forward by Hollywood stars such as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. This common street style can be seen executed by the fashion queens. However, when it comes to pulling it off ourselves, it may seem polarising. When styled right, you can look like a denim dream—but a mismatch can result in a fashion faux pas.

To make this easier, we are going to decode the double-denim trend with some inspirational looks from fashion influencers. This casual-cool style requires no more than the denim essentials you already possess. Moreover, with the temperatures rising, and monsoon weather making its way, we realize that fitted or sticky jeans are the last things you want to wear. So to mix it up we have included cooler options for the jean-centric look including crop-tops, skirts, dresses and some ethnic wear! It is time to let go of the apprehension and rock all-denim like a pro.

Scroll on to check out 5 ways to style the double-denim look with aplomb:

1. Make It Monochrome

Before delving into different shades, the easiest way to commit to this look is to wear the same wash from head-to-toe. Roshni Bhatia has gone for an easy, breezy look with her relaxed fit high-waist denim bottoms. This helps to avoid a rigid feeling when it’s humid. Playing with different fits, she has worn a fitted crop denim top and layered over a jacket of the same shade. Moreover, the pairing of nude heels with everything elevates the whole look, making it more dressy. As a result, we have a confident, and stylish denim tuxedo look.

2. Wear A Dress

A fun-flirty style to make head turns when you are out and about! Radhika Sethh sizzles in this strapless denim dress. When going for an all-denim look, a major DON’T is denim accessories. Instead, going for something like Radhika’s Off-White belt to accessorise and the silver accents from her buttons help to add colour to the denim vibe. Radhika has dressed up this look with minimal gold accessories, making the outfit perfect for a night out. Moreover, customising the look to her persona, she has paired her denim mini piece with white kicks, adding a street-style vibe.

3. Casual Set

To make things easier for your denim on denim ensemble, opt to go for a ready set. We have our eyes on the Scribbology denim set Tina Dhanak is slaying. Ideal for the summer months, the wide-leg pants and pockets are sporty details that ensure ultra-comfort. Additionally, a crop-top and translucent long jacket in the set ensures the style is kept intact. This fashion-forward look is a suitable alternative to the pantsuit for the office or even a casual occasion. When it comes to shoes, Tina has chosen to go for high heels to make her getup more formal.

Styling Tip: Get more out of your denim set by pairing each of the three pieces differently when you don’t want to use it as a complete set.

4. Jacket With A Jean Skirt

If you want to avoid looking too matchy-matchy, break the double-denim with a block colour or printed shirt like Juhi Godambe. Injecting a colourful print equals a less in-your-face outcome. Layering a jean jacket over an indigo mini-skirt is a cute, casual look that is suitable for many weekend occasions. Juhi has finished her look with chic slim sunglasses and an embellished belt for some extra flare. Furthermore, her choice of accessories is understated to keep the overall Canadian tuxedo look polished.

5.  Saree

A detached collar, corset with funky pins, and a star-patterned skirt—all in denim, assembled together to form a saree. A twist from the typical ethnic designs, this all-blue saree is a bold look for those with a serious fashion flare. Jois Archie models this look with some sass, which is the exact way this style should be pulled off. When going for such a look, ensure all the denim pieces are a perfect fit. This results in a confident effect, which would flatter your body type. Don’t forget to choose your shoes wisely depending on the style you are aiming for!

Are you inspired to double the denim, and double the fun? Comment below on your favourite combination.

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