While lockdown 5.0 has loosened up certain restrictions, and Bollywood producers are gearing up to restart shoots with strict guidelines in place. However, Bollywood actor Shakti Kapoor, who is self-quarantining at home with his family, is not up with this idea. In an exclusive tête-à-tête with ETimes, he spoke his mind about not being comfortable with the industry resuming shoots of their halted projects. He also went on to say that he won’t allow his daughter Shraddha Kapoor to go back to filming for a while.

Shakti Kapoor said—

I will not go out and work for now, nor will I allow my daughter Shraddha to resume work. I don’t think the threat is gone. I feel the worst is yet to come. I won’t let my children out for now. I know work is important but not at the cost of one’s life. It will be very chaotic if people start shooting now. I tell industry people in our group that it is better to wait than pay hospital bills. It is still a very bad state of affairs outside.

Throwing some light on the current situation at the hospitals right now, the actor said—

There are no beds in the hospitals and they are charging a bomb to treat people. There was this news where a person was kept tied to his bed in the hospital because he was unable to pay his bills. I am going to make a video on this too. The world has become a very sad place now. There is no humanity left.

On the professional front, Shakti Kapoor will next be seen in Priyadarshans 2003 hit Hungama sequel, Hungama 2.