Social media right now is a boiling pot of opinions, emotions and ideas. Consuming so much information from everywhere can be hectic enough. Having to deal with the hate and negativity that comes with just makes it harder. So, in the light of such a situation, director Shashank Khaitan announced that he has decided to deactivate his Twitter.

Here’s what he tweeted:

Done with twitter… just a breeding ground for hate and negativity… very sad that a platform so powerful, could not be used to create a better world… praying for peace and love always… deactivating my account now … @Twitterindia

He also took to his Instagram to elaborate on his thoughts and said that he and his reach on the platform are ‘inconsequential’ and said that he hopes Twitter grows into a platform that helps to spread love and happiness.

Here is his Instagram post:

When it comes to such negativity and hate, Shashank recently dealt with it when he had to clear rumours about an alleged casting scam in relation to his film, Mr. Lele, starring Varun Dhawan. He took to his Instagram to say that they are not casting for the film and requested people to not get tricked by this hoax.

Check it out:

Well, all this can sure take a toll on our mental state, and it is best to do what is best for our sanity. We, too, hope that the internet evolves into a much more happy and positive space for us to interact in.