Rani Mukerji Recounts Memories From The Sets Of Her Film Chalte Chalte

Rani Mukerji Recounts Memories From The Sets Of Her Film Chalte Chalte

Shubanka Sridhar

Rani Mukerji has given us many memorable films throughout her career and one such film is Chalte Chalte, alongside the King of romance, Shah Rukh Khan. On its 17th anniversary, Rani reminisced about the film and said that it in fact was one of her most favourite films.

Rani says she had the best time working with SRK and shares her experience shooting in Greece:

Working with Shah Rukh has been one of my favourite things! It was Shah Rukh’s production and it was the first time I had visited Greece, Mikonos and Athens which is a fun memory for me. The beautiful blue and white houses was a landscape which I had not seen before. The island was just amazing to stay and shoot. Athens also has such stunning architecture, such heritage, so many things which speak of history! We had a very nice outdoor during Chalte Chalte.

Not just their pair and the locations, but Chalte Chalte was iconic for Rani’s makeup. She was one of the first actresses to bring the smokey eye look to India.

She credits celebrity make up artist Mickey Contractor for his vision to create something completely new and says:

Mickey said Rani I want to do something new and for me, Mickey has been such a senior person in the makeup industry. He has seen me from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, so I trust Mickey blindly, he can do whatever he wants to do on my face. He said I am doing something new Rani, do not freak out or be paranoid, this is something that I want to try. l said of course and that’s when Mickey did the first smokey eyes and the rest is history! Today, everyone knows and does smokey eyes but back then, Mickey did it for the first time!

She reminisces about how she loved working with SRK and his production house, Red Chillies Entertainment. She says they are the best when it comes to taking great care of their actors.

Rani also remembers Bobby Chawla, Juhi Chawla’s brother, who was part of Red Chillies, and says:

Chalte Chalte is so special because of so many people who were involved with that film like Bobby. He had such a wonderful presence and I do really miss him.