Vidya Balan (Source: Instagram | @balanvidya)
Vidya Balan (Source: Instagram | @balanvidya)

Vidya Balan starrer short film, ‘Natkhat‘ is a film that sends out a message concerning gender equality. Moreover, it addresses the highly pervasive affair of domestic violence and endeavours to solve it by changing a child’s belief system. The film premiered on YouTube as part of the ‘We Are One: A Global Film Festival’ on June 2

The narrative of the film brings solutions to these prevalent issues, Natkhat tells us how an abuse towards women is not her problem but a problem of a patriarchal and male-dominated society. Bringing in a broader aspect of public policy, the issue that the film highlights comes under the Ministry of Women’s affairs.

Talking about the film, director Shaan Vyas says—

The root of the idea of any kind of violence comes from a general belief about the inequality of power, about one’s own dominance over the object of the violence. Natkhat addresses that core of a child’s belief system and through the right upbringing, tells us that it’s proper parenting that will make our children into responsible adults.

He further adds,

It is about how toxic masculinity can slowly seep inside the consciousness of a child and if not addressed in time and in the right manner, can be the difference between a man pre-disposed to violence and a man who respects and treats women as equal all his life. Domestic violence is equally a man’s issue and a problem of male entitlement and needs to be treated as such.

Nathkhat, that has been made in a comprehensive manner, is sure to move you.

Produced by Ronnie Screvala and Vidya Balan, the short film is penned by Annukampa Harsh and Shaan Vyas with Sanaya Irani Zohrabi as the associate producer. The film also stars child actress Sanika Patel along with Vidya Balan at the forefront.