Oscars has always come under the scanner due to its overtly white representation in giving off awards and at the ceremonies as well. Now with the Black Live Matter protests gaining maximum momentum in the light of the death of the innocent George Floyd, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences can’t afford any mistakes what-so-ever. Especially in terms of inclusion and representation. So recently the Academy announced that they are aiming at developing a new representation and inclusion standards for awards. A task force for the same has been set up and they’re supposed to come out with these new standards by 31st July 2020. But, films of this year are not going to be affected. They also said that the Best Films category is going to be fixed at 10 films rather than the fluctuating numbers ever since 2010.

The Academy board of governors already undergo something called unconscious bias training, which will be made mandatory for most of the senior Academy staff from now on. It will also be offered to its 9000 members. The academy also revealed its new board of members and added director Ava DuVernay and Lynette Howell Taylor increasing the number of women on the panel to 26 and people of colour to 12. There are a total of 54 members on the board.

So, we will hopefully get to see more representation at the Oscars next year.